VBF 3x3 Tour starting a revolution in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Basketball Federation's (VBF) VBF 3x3 tour which started last February is heading into the home stretch and has been making waves in the local basketball scene.

VBF National Development Officer Sacha Duthu proudly shared how the VBF tour has taken the country by storm, citing the easier access for players as the reason for basketball interest resurgence in the country.

"The players are also enjoying 3x3. Technically, you just need 2 friends to play. No need uniforms, or balls, and you can play with different partners every tournament," said Duthu.

"It’s a different way to play basketball; faster, more spectacular, where players can show off their individual skills. It is a different way to watch the game, compare to 5x5, which is more tactical and long," he added.

At the forefront of the 3x3 basketball fever is the VBF Tour that's taking place every first Saturday of each month that started last February.

"We wanted to keep the tournament’s social base that we built last year just before the Mini Games when we launched our first 3x3 tournaments, and to play 3x3 throughout the whole year, to improve our world ranking and have an alternate between 3x3 and 5x5 competitions," said Duthu.

"Every tournament, 12 teams are invited to take part of the tournament. The winning team receives a 1500vt cash prize money per player in the team," he added.

FIBA Oceania Development Manager, Annie LaFleur commended the effort of VBF and believes the national federation is finally on the right track.

"VBF is focusing on 3x3 and it's direction that is clearly working in their favor. I believe the Ni-Vanuatu will also come around and be more receptive to 5x5 basketball soon," said LaFleur.

"The regular competitions will give the local players something to look forward to and we hope more teams and players join their tournaments," she added.

Duthu shared that the effect of the tournament is evident with the growing interest of participants and inquiries regarding the monthly event.

"We are progressively getting to where we want to be. We have new players coming to the basketball courts preparing for the tournament that is more sustainable for us," said Duthu.

"This is happening, and with the support of the whole basketball community we will get there," he ended.


Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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