Vaum FC i kasem help long Kaonsela Toa

Kaonsela blong Luganville Minisipol Kaonsel, Jenny Toa hem i givim six soka bol i go long Vaum FC.

Help ia Vaum FC I kasem taem i stap redi blong kompit long Nasonal Supa Lig (NSL) long Malekula.

Kontribiusen ia, kaonsela Toa hem i mekem folem rikwes blong President blong klab.

President blong Vaum FC i bin rikwestem 6 soka bol mo 16 wota bottle, be kaonsela i maneij blong pem ol soka bol nomo, folem salary we olgeta kaonsela oli stap tekem long two wik.

Kaonsel Toa i enkarejem olgeta pleya blong oli trein hard from oli ripresentem Minisipoliti mo pipol blong Luganville.

Hem i wishim ol pleya mo maneijmen blong Vaum FC gud lak long kompetisen blong olgeta.

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