In August 2015, VASANOC informed the National Federations (NF’s) concerned to prepare for the 2019 Pacific Games and the new hosts, Samoa have offered the following 28 sports in these Games:

Archery (M&F); Athletics (M&F); Badminton (M&F); Basketball (M&F) Basketball3on3 (M&F); Boxing (M&F); Cricket (M&F); Football (M&F); Golf (M&F); Judo (M&F); Lawn Bowls (M&F); Netball (F); Powerlifting (M&F); Rugby League 9s (M); Rugby 7’s (M&F); Sailing (M&F); Shooting (M&F); Squash (M&F); Swimming (M&F); Table-Tennis (M&F); Taekwondo (M&F); Tennis (M&F); Touch (M&F); Triathlon (M&F); Va’a (M&F); Volleyball Beach (M&F); Volleyball Indoor (M&F) and Weightlifting (M&F).

Apart from the fact that, the NF’s Sport must be in above list, the following criteria approved by VASANOC in October 2017, are the criteria:

A). Technical Criteria:

Based on Performance, Potential, Elite and Development levels of sport:

1). Performance Level: Sports/Athletes that medaled in PNG2015 & VAN2017 & GC2018 or recent Oceania, International competition.

2). Potential Level: Sport/Athletes that Placed, Top 5, Best Timing, in PNG2015 & VAN2017 & GC2018 or recent Oceania and International competitions.

3). Elite Level: Sport/Athlete is in VASANOC Elite (NODS) Program with chance to qualify for World Championships or Tokyo2020 Olympics.

4). Development Level: Current & future development program of Sport. They do not have realistic chance to win medals in Samoa.

A). Administrative Criteria:

1). Consistently met VASANOC Membership since last PGs (i.e. PNG2015) as per VASANOC Constitution.

2). NF agrees to pay any outstanding Expenses to VASANOC.

3). NF agrees to provide outstanding Reports to VASANOC.

4). NF agrees to meet ALL the deadlines imposed by VASANOC & PGC for these Games.

5). NF agrees to PAY the Penalty Fees imposed by PGC if NF withdraws Sport after PGC deadlines.

VASANOC informed the NFs to provide INDICATIVE ENTRIES by first deadline of November 2017 and the following NFs confirmed their indicative entries:

Basketball 3on3 (M&F); Cricket (M&F); Golf (M&F); Netball; Swimming (M&F); Table-Tennis (M&F); Tennis (M&F); Beach Volleyball (M&F); Volleyball (M&F) and Weightlifting (M&F).

The deadline for second entries is in June 2018 and VASANOC plans to finalize the confirmed sports for Team Vanuatu for Samoa2019 in July 2018 at least, one year before the Games open on 8 July.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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