Vanuatu 3x3 Basketball Asia Cup mo Samoa preperesen

Sacha Duthu wetem olgeta Basketball Ofisa/pleia. (Photo:VBF FB page)

Vanuatu Basketball 3x3 tim blong olgeta man mo woman bambae hemi leko kaontri long namba 20 May blong go tekem pat long Asia Cup long China.

Vanuatu Basketball Federation Media ofisa,Sacha Duthu we hemi semtaem koj blong tim, hemi talem se,”Faenol list blong tugeta tim i kamaot finis be hemi no minim se hemia faenal list blong Pacific Games long Samoa long manis blong Julae. Afta we bambae tim hem kam bak long samtaem end blong manis ia bambae seleksen blong Samoa 2019 hemi stat,from i gat sam niufala pleia.”

Duthu hemi adem tu se, bambae i gat Nasonal Games long Tanna we bambae hemi kik off ino longtaem, bambae hemi aot tu blong go long Tanna long (yestede). 3x3 hemi no stap insaed long Nasonal Games olsem wan spot, 5X5 nomo.

Duthu hemi talem se hemia hemi no fes taem we Vanuatu hemi tekem pat long Asia Cup,so wetem raon ia we bambae tim hemi go tekem pat ia oli stap tritim olsem pat blong preperesen blong Samoa Pacific Games from wan manis nomo hemi blokem 2019 Samoa Games ya.

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