The Vanuatu Women In Sports Commission would like to take this time to share its gratitude to all the women, men , youths and children who turned up for the Fun Run on Saturday 18th May.

This event was scheduled to take place earlier this year however after several delays it was eventually carried out and the results were great.

Logo Competition & Storyboards

In February, there was a call out to the public at large for a logo competition with the sole criteria of the Olympic colours and a Vanuatu Symbol. The submissions turnout was great as in the end there was 14 submissions altogether. The finalist of the logo competition was announced on the Unveiling Cocktail at Nambawan Café on Friday 17th May 2019.

The winner was Eyrard Tamatino from Mele Village who had submitted a simple logo outlining the colours and a pig’s tusk with a running woman.

He received a ten thousand vatu prize and all our other submissions who were also present that night also received a t-shirt carrying the new logo. The Unveiling Cocktail was a night to celebrate the Stories of Success by women/girls who have participated and achieved so much in sports in the recent years.

Their stories were submitted to VanWIS and commission members worked hard to refine the stories and had them translated to Bislama and French . These were printed with the help of Colorite and were unveiled with a presentation on Friday evening to the nominees themselves. Speakers that night included the Vasanoc President, Mr Antoine Boudier, Youth and Sports Director-General Mr Henry Vira who both expressed their support for women and sports in Vanuatu.

Another two speeches came from our Queen of Table Tennis Ms Annolyn Lulu and Golden Mama blo Vanuatu Ms Mary Estelle Mahuk, who both presented very compelling speeches of their journey of success and challenges.

Fun Run

The Fun Run had the primary aim of getting women and girls to come out with their families to have fun doing physical exercise together. The tagline for the event was #SiMiSaveMekem (Yes I can Do It!) was an encouragement to all women and girls that they can achieve whatever they believe in.

More than three hundred participants showed up early for registration and a free T-Shirt from six thirty in the morning before the race commenced at seven thirty.

Runners had the chance to run four kilometres whilst the more leisurely participants enjoyed the sea front two kilometres walkway to Chantilly’s and back. One third of our participants were men and boys who had come out to support their wives, mums, aunties, sisters and just to have fun.

The Zumba Session to end the event was led by Vanuatu’s most recently awarded Sportswoman of the Year –Ms Lulu, was much appreciated by all. Speeches came from our storyboard nominees former basketballer Ms Kathy Simon and retired athlete Odile Siro.

VanWIS would like to thank Vasanoc and Azure Pure Water who are major sponsors for the event.

We congratulate our twelve nominees for your stories of change and your courage to step up. Thanks to Port Vila Municipality for allowing we access to the Sea Front Stage and for the storyboards to be displayed along the sea front for whole week. We would also like to acknowledge Colorite for getting our storyboards done in time despite delays and Vila Handprint for our superb t-shirts.

Nambawan Café staff did a wonderful job on the wonderful evening of the unveiling as well as putting up the storyboards.

Thank you Jill’s Café ladies for the sausage sizzle and especially Crave and Vila Meat Supplies for the discount goods towards the light breakfast. The House of Refuge Mamas from Mele did a great job providing a huge spread of assorted fruits. We appreciate the attendance of the Director General of Justice Ms Dorosday Kenneth who made the time to be present at the cocktail and participated in the Fun Run.

We extended our gratitude to volunteers from Mauriki Football Club who came out to help us set up for the Fun Run and dismantle post event. A huge shout out to media coverage from Daily Post & Buzz FM, VBTC and FM107 for your continuous support promoting our events.VanWIS will be hosting the Olympic Day celebrations this year on June 22nd and we will be looking forward to seeing everyone again..

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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