Beach Volleyball

Loti Joe mo Shereshyn Toko wetem China U21 tim

Vanuatu U21 tim we oli jas finis long Asian U21 Beach Volleyball Championship long Roi, Thailand, oli mekem histri taem oli fes Pacific aelan kaontri we oli karem highest ranking long wan U21 Asian Championship mo semtaem kwalifae from FIVB U21 World Championship.

Rod blong Loti Joe mo Shereshyn Toko blong go long Asian U21 Championship ia i stat long Australia, afta we i lukim ‘pairing’ blong tufala ia oli kamaot sekon long Australian U23 Championship long Coolangatta, Gold Coast.

Tufala ya i openem tunamen blong olgeta wetem wan lus agensem olgeta host Thailand long wan klos sko blo 21-17 mo 21-18.

Sekon maj blong Vanuatu oli kam blong winim Singapore long 21-13 mo 21-10 blong kwalifae i go insaed long Round of 16.

Long Round of 16 Vanuatu i mtitim Japan 2, mo olgeta Vanuatu U21 oli kam blong winim maj ia long 16-21 mo 19-21 blong kwalifae i go long kwota faenol.

Long kwota faenol, tim hemi winim China long 21-14 mo 23-21 blong setemap wan semi faenol wetem Japan 1. Long semi faenol tufala gel i lus long 21-18 mo 21-13.

Going blong 0lgeta i go insaed long semi faenol, Toko mo Joe oli klemem wan ples insaed long FIVB U21 World Championship long Nanjing, China, long manis Julae, afta we tunamen we i jas finis i lukim olgeta Top 5 tim oli kwalifae from World Championship ya.

Tim wetem koj, Henriette Iatika i flae aot finis long Thailand mo oli kasem Vanuatu yestede aftanun. Loti Joe nomo hemi stap long Sydney blong wet long Linline Mansale from wan nara tunamen.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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