As of January 2019, following decisions in the 28th Congress held AT Manua, Efate in 2018, and as part of the new VFF Reforms, VFF has progressed on a number of issues, in particular the program for 2019.

All staff previous appointments were terminated at the end 2018, and new contracts for all staff have been implemented. This was required following a review from FIFA Audit reports in 2018. A new VFF structure was also approved in the last Congress and implemented.

The VFF Administration and Technical have now produced a work plan for the whole year, including all competitions for all categories.

Under a new contract to be signed with FIFA, VFF is expected to play more international Matches this year for senior and youth categories for both Men and Women. The categories under consideration are Senior Men, Senior Women, U17 Men and Women.

The VFF is also expected to increase the number of national Domestic Competition for senior and youth categories for both Men and Women.

The VFF is also facilitating the participation of both Clubs at the OFC club championships with following; (i) assistance to both teams with Vt500, 000 each, (ii) payment of Bond fees totalling to 500,000NZD, and assistance to the hosting of the Pool C Matches in Port Vila with an amount of Vt500,000.

The VFF has entered into the Regional competitions:

- Womens Under19 OFC Competition in August, the vebnue is still to be confirmed

- Womens Under16 OFC Competotion in September in Cook Islands

- Beach Soccer in June in Tahiti

- Futsal senior Nations Cup Qualifier in October in New Caledonia

- Futsal Champions League in Noumea in New Caledonia

- Under 23 Olympic Qualifier in November in Fiji

- Mens Participation at the South Pacific Games

- The Womens Participation is still to be conformed

The VFF has also approved to implement fully its Academy Programme in Teouma with a residential programme with the Mens Under 19 National Team.

The VFF will be also implementing the Education Centre at the Teouma Academy in 2019, offering courses in Coaching, Refereeing, Administration, and sport Medicine. The courses are expected to be out once the curriculum has been approved. The Centre will provide courses available to clubs and interested individuals at a cost, with Facilitator of the programmes coming are from overseas as well as local instructors.

7) The VFF Executive Committee meeting was expected to be convened this week, however was postponed due to the current bad weather conditions in the Country. Amongst all the above the Committee is also expected finalise and approval the New National Coach. The Executive Committee Meeting is expected within two weeks.

The VFF is also confirming an international Friendly Match with the Solomon Islands for the Senior Mens Team at the end of March 2019 in Honiara. The VFF will also be releasing a calender of all international competitions and domestic Competitions at the end of February 2019, after confirmed consultation with other countries, and local Member Assiciations.

The VFF also acknowledges the assistance of VASANOC for the services of a Strength and Conditioning advisor who will be assisting the Coaches in the preparation of National teams players towards tournaments.

The VFF is also expected to make Consultations with all stakeholders in all of it member Associations on the new programmes for 2019.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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