Vanuatu’s Huka Futsal Club to play in the 2018 Melanesian futsal tournament

This week, the Shefa League Premier club, and Vanuatu’s prominent Futsal Club, Huka FC, is in Fiji to participate in the Melanesian Challenge of the Champion Futsal Tournament 2018 which will take place in Suva, Fiji on the 12th September to the 16th September 2018.

Huka FC was privilege to participate in the 2018 tournament, after being the runner up of the 2017 tournament. Further to the policy set by the chatter of the tournament the winners and the runners ups are automatically in for the following tournament.

The Melanesia Challenge of the Champion Futsal Tournament is now an event that majorly host champion clubs of the countries within the Melanesia, to challenge each other. It is a platform to build a strong relationship between the Melanesian brotherhood countries in sport.

The Major sponsors of the 2018 tournament are, the Fiji Football Association and Vodaphone.

Nigel Quai, who is one of the founders of this event expressed that, one of major the vision of this event is to raise quality football players in the region for world football events, and to make sure that this sport discipline is establish in every Melanesian Countries, so to also see futsal discipline introduced in the future Pacific Games. So far the Oceania Futsal Tournament comprises of Tahiti, New Caledonia, Tonga, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and now Fiji. We are looking at introducing this discipline in Papua New Guinea soon, said Quai. Quai is the Marketing Manger of the Huka FC.

This week Vanuatu’s Huka FC will challenge Champion clubs from the Solomon Islands, and Fiji. New Caledonia could not make it this year due to some national priorities. Huka FC has two men’s team in this tournament and a girl’s team. This year 2018, will be the first time that the women’s team will also participate.

The President of Huka FC, ob Andy express his gratitude to all the sponsors that supported the Club to participate in this prestigious tournament, and especially IPDS and URA. He also acknowledged the support of the Shefa League Executive for its support for the Club to take part in this tournament.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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