Chloe (in the middle) crossing the finish line

Vanuatu showed quality at the Coca Cola games in Suva this week and it was Chloe from Mataso Island in Vanuatu who was amongst those recognized medal winners.

Chloe scooped two medals, a bronze for the Sub junior girls 200M and a silver for the Sub Junior Girls 4x100M.

Chloe’s father David Merick who stood beside her daughter since day one of her career described her daughter as a sprint queen.

“That’s my girl. She always love running and today am so proud of her because she had proved her quality amongst all those best athletes from schools in Fiji.”

The Coca Cola games is one of the biggest sporting event in Fiji which is held every year. They called this the games that stops a nation as almost 3000 high school students from all around Fiji gather at the ANZ stadium for 3 days of fast pace action.

Chloe represents Suva Grammar School for the first time this year 2019.

The 13 year old girl said her dreams to compete in the Coca Cola games is not about winning medals but it’s the passion that she has for athletics that drove her to the running tracks.

Chloe had involved in Athletics and Netball ever since arriving in Suva Fiji with her family for studies and has been successful in all disciplines she participated in. She was part of the team that won the Under 13 girls category netball for Vatuwaqa in the Suva Primary School 2017 competition, being part of Team Suva squad in the Fiji primary school netball competition that won gold in 2018, already won 3 golds, 4 silver and 2 bronze from the Fiji Chow Games Athletics competition between 2016 — 2018. This week Chloe marked her first appearance at the Fiji Coca Cola Games 2019 which is the finals of secondary school athletics.

Born in 2005 and raised in Port Vila Vanuatu before moving to Fiji in 2015 with her parents for study. Chloe’s father is from Mataso Island while her mother is from Lobanga village in the western part of Ambae Island. Chloe is the eldest in the family and has 3 other siblings, a sister and two younger brothers. The younger sister Claudie Quasy David is also following her footsteps in athletics and netball, securing few medals already from the Fiji Chow Games athletics competition.

Chloe dedicated the two medals to her sponsors, families back home, Suva Grammar school and her Dad and mum.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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