The Yamacia Rugby club, a top club in Fiji has recently won the recent Silver Centrale 7s 2019, after winning Germany 49-0 on Thursday this week in Paris, France.

The Yamacia rugby club, was not only composed of Fijians but has seen a Ni Vanuatu player Lomu Akuila Kalsakau, 23, making his first international debut, was also part of the team to claim the Centrale 7’s title.

Member of Parliament (MP), Joshua Kalsakau told Daily Post that this is the first time for a Ni Van to take part in the Centrale 7’s with Lomu putting the first try during the finals.

According to MP Kalsakau, the Silver Centrale 7’s is a two-day tournament scheduled on the 8-9{sup}th{/sup} of this month.

Lomu Akuila Kalsakau is originated from Ifira and is the son of MP Joshua Kalsakau. He has acquired a wealth of skills for the game and was a Vanuatu representative in the 2015 Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea, where he was captain of the Vanuatu rugby team and also in the 2017 Mini Games in Port Vila. Lomu is a player for the Ifira Blackbird team but was recently called up by Yamacia rugby team to attend the Centrale 7’s in France.

MP Kalsakau said that such achievements have proved that Vanuatu and its players are capable of reaching such International standards and has opened a window opportunity for the Vanuatu Rugby Union (VRU).

Mr Kalsakau said that Lomu also had the opportunity to play alongside Fiji’s sevens International, Setareki Bituniyata during the Centrale sevens.

According to a Yamacia rugby statement, the Yamacia rugby team went through the semifinal and stamped their mark on the final with more than 47 unanswered points to down Germany and crowed Silver Winner 2019.

MP Kalsakau acknowledges Yamacia rugby team for the golden opportunity to have Lomu expose his first international debut on the international stage and to recognize Vanuatu’s potentials, the Ifira Blackbird for its support for lending Lomu and also to the VRU.

He said with Lomu’s achievement, he encourages all Vanuatu players and youths to continue train hard and to show discipline always to promote ni-Van players overseas.

MP Kalsakau wishes to also acknowledge Yamaci Rugby team and its officials including the head coach, David Dakuitoga, for the opportunity. He also confirmed that Lomu will also be part of the Yamacia rugby team to participate in the USA sevens later in August.

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