Smiling Bench Officials team ready to officiate at Shefa Netball’s Grand Finals which coincided well

with the BO Training. Oceania Netball BO Instructor Belinda Clark (left) observes.

Fresh after the facilitation of Bench Officials (BO) Training in July the first theory training at the Vanuatu Netball level was conducted last Saturday 5 August by BO Supervisors, at the Vanuatu Netball Center.

Vanuatu Netball (VNA) was proud to learn recently on the series of proposed dates on the implementation of the BOs sessions as advised by the three Supervisors; Leader — Marie Hakwa, Minnie Takaro and Amy Tiopang.

The following proposed dates will see practical sessions where BO officiators take their positions to officiate Team Vanuatu Netball Squad competing against formed up netball teams including mix (men’s) teams. The dates announced were August 28, September 18, October 2, October 16, and November 6, all happening before the Games. Fans and Supporters are invited to come and witness Team Vanuatu Netball Squad early evening test matches on and especially our BOs facilitators, at the Center.

With this great start the Supervisors of VNA’s Bench Officials have high hopes to work together and develop the future of the Bench Officials Pathway.

One of the Supervisors Minnie Takaro told Daily Sports, “Personally, the BO is a huge plus for Vanuatu Netball. With limited resources we have at club level, the information that a club/team can get out from score sheets or match scoring statistics can be very helpful to a team. Currently teams/clubs come and play their game then leave. Feedback provided to teams maybe from a side line spectator.

“However if Member Associations (MA) are resourced with BO information, then the teams/clubs will now receive formal feedback to assist their improvement in their coaching and game plans. The BO training will become essential when we start planning for our next National Games that will be held in Tanna next year.

“On the other hand Umpires are already implementing INF Netball Rules in the games that they are officiating at MA levels. So the next step is for MAs to also be using the INF Score Sheets which this BO Training has helped 16 participants to become familiar with, as well as practice it.

“It is our hope that we will all work together to get more trained in the BO role next year in our local MAs. Bench Official is a lot of paper work fun that require an individual’s commitment.

BO is a process that requires club management and coaches to understand. Currently we are not there yet. But it is our belief that we will get there for our National Games in 2018”, BO Supervisor Takaro said.

Vanuatu Netball’s Bench Officials first applicants to the Oceania level training back then in 2012 in Suva Fiji were Marie Hakwa and Shanna Ligo both representing Vanuatu Netball’s Member Associations. To date the Bench Officials training then continued to be strengthened and improving on from the two leaders’ facilitation.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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