The Vanuatu Hockey Federation (VHF) has made a presentation to their hockey 7’s league, last Friday 21st of June at Tanouliu Village.

The Federation was very pleased to announce and present prizes to their best players and hockey teams that have done their best in their trainings, competition and who have worked hard in getting their teams ready for each competition.

Wan Smol Bag is the only support that the Vanuatu Hockey Federation (VHF) has for Hockey 7’s league in Port Vila, Efate.

During the presentation saw Hockey’s Project Manager Nasse Multungtung, have made some speeches at that time and also given the privilege to have the paramount chief of Tanouliu Daniel Popovi given his speech in front of all the hockey athletes.

“As a project manager I am very pleased with the turnout of children who come each week to participate in the program that I do or cover up at Wan Smol Bag Sport Centre,” said Multungtung

Prizes given were to best defender in the men’s and women’s team who were Jack Katawa and Evelyne Toara then followed by best midfielders Francois Simeone and Deliah Aru, best ball distributors John Johnas and Leitang Aru, best stickers Robea Daniel and Anna Job, best game maker were Ben Sam and Kathleen Aru, best players during the hockey 7’s league for men and women are Morris Aromalo and Hellen Kalo.

Different Hockey 7’s League team for both men and women were also given prize money which sees team East Coast Sharks and Team Mazon won a price in having the best team uniform.

In the Senior Men’s team it saw winner for 1st place Vt50,000 goes to Team Mazon followed by 2nd place Vt25,000 to Team Nokat Time, 3rd place Vt15,000 Team Losers and 4th place Vt10,000 to Team Kings. In the senior women’s team East cost sharks won 1st place with price money of Vt40,000 then followed by 2nd place Vt25,000 to Team Dolphine and finally 3rd place goes to Team Black Dragon who won Vt20,000 cash.

After last week’s presentation, they will still be having hockey trainings because there will be a Hockey 5’ league after the hockey 7’s League.

“I would also like to thank WSB for is continually support towards VHF,” said Multungtung

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