Pacific Games

On Wednesday SeptEMBER 13,Prime Minister Charlot Salwai had the honor of accepting eight containers of sporting equipment from Chinese Ambassador, Liu Quan.

The equipment will be used to conduct the 2017 Pacific Mini Games, but as the Prime minister clearly pointed out that there must be a plan in place for this equipment to be maintained and used for the next decade.

PM Salwai instructed the Minister of Sport, Seule Simeon to ensure a legacy plan is in place to ensure the long term use and care of the equipment.

The equipment all meets International Federation standards.

CEO of Van2017 Clint Flood emphasized that this is a critical component of ensuring that the 2017 Pacific Mini Games are run to the highest level of international federation standards.

Mr. Flood commended the People’s Republic of China for ensuring that the equipment is of the highest standards.

The Prime minister highlighted all the other activities and support that the People’s Republic of China is undertaking to ensure that the country will be ready to host the Pacific countries in December. The Korman Complex is nearing completion and is a world class project. The Government of The People’s Republic of China has also donated 25 buses, to ensure the athletes are safely transported around Port Vila, and of course and more importantly, 190 Vanuatu athletes have gone to China for training and are now returning eager to make their country proud. The Prime Minister hoped that by having this first class equipment available that Vanuatu athletes will perform at the top of their game in December and build on that success over the next few years.

The Ambassador of China, wished the country well in its final preparations for the Games, and noted how strong the relationship is with Vanuatu, extending beyond the sports equipment and sports facilities—including schools, water systems, health projects.

The equipment ranging in nature from hurdles, to boxing rings, to weightlifting requirements, are now being unpacked from the containers and are being readied for their next trip down to Korman and the other venues in November in preparation of the 2017 Pacific Mini Games commencing 4th December.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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