The newly elected head of Oceania Football Confederation and at the same time FIFA Vice President, Vanuatu’s own Lambert Maltock relayed some heartwarming news back to Vanuatu from Moscow, Russia, in an email saying that the works on the stadium at Fresh Water Field should start as soon as possible.

“I write on behalf of Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) to advise you that your Consultancy Contract draft which was brought to the attention of the FIFA Development Office looking after Oceania Region for review was approved for VFF to sign and instruct the consultant to begin work immediately.

“The fund allocated to kick-start the project was 100,000USD which is more than what the Consultant work fees, and so the balance would remain with VFF and locked in FIFA Project Account.

“As the timeline for Lease Agreement is drawing to a close this month, we wish to advise that you (Consultant) to start planning out details of your scope of work immediately with details and costs so that Tender Bid for construction can be done as soon as possible.

“There is no need for you to delay anymore your work because the contract has been signed and we are now on our way back to Port Vila, Vanuatu to check on the work and provide you with the original documents of the contracts.

“As for the VFF Secretariat, I wish to advise that a programme of ground breaking ceremony must be prepared next week to commence or launch the project work. For this reason, the Government through the Ministry of Lands is advised accordingly in order to be aware of this important project to start very soon. I am sorry about the delay but I have to hereby humbly stress that FIFA has made reform on finance as well as management process of project etc, and so VFF was under obligation to redo the whole thing from scratch and indeed it was a lengthy process but for good cause and the best interest of the project itself, in order to make sure that when the project has started must be completed and be useful to VFF and its football families.

“By copy of this email I wish to advise the Media according to announce the commencement of this project as the Consultancy Contract Agreement was awarded properly to the Qualao Consultant Ltd following the normal and full process required by the FIFA Financial Policy and in according to the timeline given by the Government of Vanuatu through an agreed conditions of a Lease of 75 years.”

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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Very good idea! But i wish they built new golf centre, where golferexpert could teach small children !

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