Northern Region Academy hemi haosem olgeta famili blong Ambae. Foto Albert Manaroto Facebook

Futbol hemi wan spot we raon Vanuatu oli enjoyem, even go as far as long taem blong disasta tu.

Taem we olgeta long Ambae oli stat muvum olgeta i aot kam daon long Saratamata mo long West Ambae, taem we Lombenben i stap long Level 4, Vanuatu Football Federation hemi bin hostem wan Pool blong National Super League long Saratamata we i end long las wik long Tasde.

Daily Sport i kasem rispons i kam long CEO blong Vanuatu Football Federation, Albert Manaroto se olgeta i bin konsaltem Police mo olgeta long provins se tunamen i mas komplit long Tasde nomo, mekem se tunamen i gohed, mo olgeta evacuees long North Ambae olbaot ya oli bin gat janis blong wajem futbol nomata we oli bin leko haus blong olgeta.

Long wiken ya, wetem araevol blong ova 1,000 man, woman mo pikinini we oli aot long Ambae blong go long Santo, VFF hemi openem doa blong Northern Region Academy stret long Luganville Soccer City Stadium blong akomodetem olgeta ya we oli leko aelan blong olgeta.

Wetem desisen we VFF hemi tekem i lukim naoia ova 1,000 man oli gat wan roof ova long hed, akses long wota mo spes blong muv araon mo iven VFF hemi help blong faenem smol kaikai blong olgeta famili ya.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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