Olsem everi nara Wol Kap mo European Kap olgeta Vanuatu England sapota oli kam tugeta blong sapotem tim blong olgeta.

Long yia ya taem we England hemi kam blong winim U17 mo U20 FIFA World Cup, Vanuatu England supporters oli bin kam tugeta stret aotsaed long car park blong Anchor Inn mo hostem wan bigfala get tugeta long evening , we i lukim olgeta nara sapota blong Franis, Belgium mo Brazil tu oli kam blong joen long selebresen blong England tim.

Long las wik long Fraede grup ya oli kam tugeta long Farea blong National Museum blong tokbaot hao nao bambae olgeta i go abaot blong sapotem tim blong olgeta.

Long 2014 Vanuatu England Supporters oli bin statem wokbaot blong olgeta mo afta long 4 yia grup ya hemi triple long saes blong hem mo las Fraede oli kam blong introdiusum olgeta wan wan mo tokbaot from wanem nao oli sapotem English tim.

Grup hemi plan blong mekem se gathering blong olgeta English sapota bambae hemi kam olsem wan annual ivent.

Naoia we FIFA World Cup hemi raon long kona nomo, grup hemi stap lukluk long sam lokesen we bambae oli kam tugeta blong wajem mo sapotem tim blong olgeta.

Wan long olgeta ples we grup hemi stap lukluk long hem, hemi Convention Centre.

Grup ya i agri se bambae base blong olgeta hemi Farea long Museum blong oli hollem olgeta ‘function’ blong olgeta.

Daily Sport i andastan se long Vanuatu tede, olgeta England sapota nomo oli stap kam tugeta everi Wol Kap mo European Cup.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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