Vanuatu beach volleyball attends Pacific Sport Partnership

Vanuatu beach volleyball Federation have attended 2 days “Transition Workshop Program,” run by the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP) under the funding of the Australian Government at the Tennis Club in Port Vila.

There were 7 National Federation’s which PSP funded their programs in Port Vila, have attended the two days workshop, these NF’s are Vanuatu Aquatics Federation, Vanuatu Basketball Federation, Vanuatu Cricket Association, Vanuatu Football Federation, Vanuatu Table Tennis Federation, Vanuatu Tennis Federation and the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation.

Plenty of activities and discussion have happened throughout the workshop between the participants about their programs funded by PSP which have been held around Port Vila and some have extended their activities to the outer island communities.

“We are very happy and glad that we have attended this workshop, and we look forward in having more workshop run by PSP in not only Vila but in Santo and the outer islands of Vanuatu,” Said VVF Media Officer, Christel Homu.

Out from the PSP workshop the participants have come to recognise that one of the key learnings from this workshop, is how important the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through Health, Education can bring a child, youth, man and women to have a good healthy lifestyle and a brighter education.

“From the programs that each of the NF’s have run successfully in the past years through PSP under the Australia Government funding, one of the biggest challenges yet is the involvement of Youth. However, our programs for Volley4change in Santo and Port Vila are really making a change in the Mamas life’s,” Homu said.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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