Van2017 signed an agreement with the Land Transport Authority yesterday.

The Van2017 Organizing Committee is working with the Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association (PVELTA) to allocate 50 contracted buses in Port Vila for the transportation of over 2,000 athletes and officials of 24 countries coming for the 10th Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu in December.

Van2017 signed an agreement with Land Transport Authority, to use the services of PVELTA in Port Vila, in contracting 50 buses owned by local citizens yesterday.

“Transport is number two top priority in Games service delivery, after the Games Village. It plays a crucial role during the Games; if transport is late, then it will obviously have its repercussions in the Games; and we don’t want this to happen. We want you, to take pride of this ownership by participating in the workforce to deliver the Games,” stated Flood, calling on pride for Vanuatu as a country to host the biggest sporting event in the country.

Mr. Flood reiterated the importance of involving local business groups such as PVELTA, to make them feel part of the Games, and make it a success through their commitment, hospitality and responsibility.

Van2017 put a lot of emphasis on code of conduct, bus standards and driver qualification standards set out under the agreement that focus on professionalism, politeness, punctuality and presentation of the drivers.

This emphasis is on not only creating a friendly hospitality to all athletes, but also to provide a substantial impact on Vanuatu image as a tourism destination.

Van2017 is looking at using 50 local buses of 15 seaters, and the Government will provide up to 25 buses with 19 seats.

Van2017 enters partnership with PVELTA as a recognized organization of public transport, structured by the Government.

On behalf of the Land Transport Authority, the Chief Executive Officer, Mr Reginald Tabigerian said, “It is a national call for all of us, and we also have a responsibility to deliver the services required; we have an obligation to fulfill, therefore, I call upon your commitment and responsibility to deliver these games successfully”.

Those who were present at the signing of this service agreement were President of PVELTA Donald Massing, chairmen of the taxi and bus associations at various locations around Port Vila and Executive members of the Association.

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