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Van2017 is pleased to announce that the long anticipated tenders for goods and services will begin Monday March 13. Starting Monday the various tenders and Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) for various goods and services will be issued to the marketplace.

CEO of Van2017 stated that it is critical that Van2017 now move to contract the services and needs for the Games in order to ensure that goods are here well in time for the Games, and contractors providing services have lots of time to plan for delivery of services. We have several hundred million of Vatu worth of needs that must be contracted Mr Flood explained. Depending on where the goods are coming from, we have a lead time of up to 5 months. With 268 days to go before the Opening Ceremony on December 04, time is now of the essence to ensure we contract quality services at the best possible price.

The first lot of tenders to be issued on Monday cover the following areas:

• Catering Services for the Athlete Meals

• Overlay and Furniture Needs – including tents, toilets, beds, mattresses light towers, scaffolding etc.

• Signage and Look

Additional tenders and EOI’s will be issued shortly for Security services, additional catering, medals, repair work at Athlete Villages, and a host of other needs. CEO Clint Flood explained that additional sponsorships may be generated through these tenders where suppliers provide significant pricing discounts to Van2017 in order to obtain a sponsorship designation for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

The Tenders will be available on the 2017 Pacific Games website on Monday March 13.These first round of tenders close April 14 2017. Further information can be obtained by emailing or by calling 35017.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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