The Volleyball court at the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Church in Luganville was pulsating with energetic and talented women Volleyball players during the Constitution Public Holiday last week.

Williams Worwor, Volleyball Vanuatu Federation (VVF) board member told Daily Sports, “VVF will be sending a Women’s Indoor Volleyball Team to the Pacific Games in Samoa in 2019. Instead of only conducting trials in Efate however, VVF has decided to scout for female potential players outside of Efate, that we can train to represent Vanuatu next year.”

VVF President Debbie Masauvakalo shared, “Our Volley4Change (V4C) program in Santo, conducted the first of 3 trials events. We’ve decided to have trials in Santo, Efate and Tanna this year. Tanna had their event on Tafea Day at Lenakel. Efate trials will take place on Monday 15th October, Tuesday 16 October and Wednesday 17th October from 5.30pm to 7.30pm each evening at the Stade Beach Volleyball Court.”

Santo’s V4C Program Development Officer, Sarai Stephens stated, “The event last Friday was attended by 39 women from various parts of Sanma and Penama who dared to dream of one day representing Vanuatu internationally. I was especially excited to see our rural women from Fanafo Village, Avunatari Village on Malo Island, St Patrick’s School (representing Penama and currently hosted by Santo East School) as well as Vimele, Palmoli and Jarailan Villages in South Santo. The support they had to travel such long distances at their own expense, to participate in this event, is very impressive and touching.”

Stephens continued to say, “We believe that there is still more talent out there so there will one more trial for any interested Luganville Women Volleyball players and other interested women that were unable to attend last Friday’s trials. It will be held at the Sanma Province Volleyball Court behind the Sanma Women’s Center on Friday 12 October from 3pm to 5pm. Please contact me on 5473035 or 7369890 for more information.”

The V4C program here in Santo, wishes to acknowledge the support provided by VVF, the Pacific Sports Partnership (PSP), Australia’s DFAT, Australia Volleyball Federation (AVF) and Oceania Zonal Volleyball Association (OZVA) which has enabled the trials to be conducted here in Santo, Efate and Tanna.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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