Upgrading the Volleyball court in Santo

Volley4change staffs in Santo have had a meeting with the Secretary General for Sanma Province on 21st January this month at 9:30am at the Sanma Province office in Santo.

Those who attended the meeting that day was the Acting Secretary General Matthew Walter, The Sanma Youth and Sports officer Newman Tangis, Volley4change staff –Tiffany Williams, Joyce Joshua and Sarai Stephens the Volleyball Competition Manager Didier Joel was also present at the meeting.

The meeting between the two parties was to follow-up on a proposal that Volley4change gave to the SANMA Provincial Government last year 2018, in proposing for a partnership project between Sanma Province and VVF to upgrade the existing volleyball court located behind the Women’s Center building in Santo.

The Volley4Change manager during the meeting had also suggest on a letter to the SG of a new proposal for partnership to re-surface the existing volleyball court which is located behind the SANMA Women's Centre where the V4C office is located.

The Sanma Provincial SG said that he has seen the former SG Prosper Buletari for a follow up and found out that the Council last year had approved it. V4C had told the SG that the decision had not been conveyed to them yet in a formal letter or even verbally.

He then said that Prosper Buletari (the Town Planner) will be writing to them a formal letter by the end of this week to give them, the permission to start building. “We said we'd start with upgrading the existing court and then as funding became available, we would build the beach volleyball.”

“Obtaining approval to develop these courts here at the Sanma Province Headquarters, is first of many steps involved in the upgrading and construction the proposed facilities. We look forward to the rest of the parts falling into place so that we can have these facilities operating as soon as possible. This will enable our coaches to have accessible facilities to train young people here in Sanma on a pathway to become elite athletes that will represent Vanuatu internationally someday,” said V4C Manager Sarai Stephens.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) and Volley4Change (V4C) for helping to promote the development Volleyball here in SANMA. Not only will the upgrading the Indoor Volleyball court benefit the development of future Sanma Indoor Volleyball talent, but the proposed Beach Volleyball Courts will also help create interest from our Youth in a sport that is already successfully representing Vanuatu internationally.”

“I am confident that there are potentially good Beach Volleyball players here in SANMA but we have not had the proper facilities available to develop local youth talent here in Santo. So I am very glad and excited to see that VVF through V4C have come forward with this proposal to provide us with improved facilities. We will do all we can to support this project," Said Youth and Sports Officer for Sanma Newman Tangis

Also, the VVF President Debbie Masauvakalo, based in Port Vila, is very supportive of this proposal and sees development of volleyball facilities and activities in Sanma Province as a priority for VVF.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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