Uniform blong training we Leon Hardware i sponsarem

Vanuatu U19 we oli bin pleiem fes maj blong olgeta long Tahiti mo oli pleiem fes maj blong olgeta long yestede aftanun wetem Fiji, oli wantem kam blong talem tankio long Leon Hardware mo Azure Pure Water.

Jas bifo tim hemi flae aot i go long Tahiti long las wiken, mein man we hemi stap bihaen long negosiesen blong uniform blong trening, Lorrence Sisi hemi bin aprojem Leon Hardware blong sapos oli save sponsarem tim mo oli kambak blong givim U19 tim wan full set blong uniform.

Hemi no festaem we Leon Hardware hemi kam blong sponsarem futbol.

U19 hemi gat janis tu blong kasem sponsorship long Azure Pure Water we hemi bin sponsarem wan wan pleia wetem wan niu water botel.

Manejmen blong U19 i wantem talem tankio long tufala kampani ya from sponsaship blong tufala.

Vanuatu U19 i stap insaed long wan Group we insaed i gat olgeta Melanesian kaontri nomo olsem New Caledonia, Fiji mo Solomon Islands.

Long nara nius yet blong U19 OFC Championship we naoia i gohed long Tahiti, fes maj blong kompetisen long Mande, Vanuatu nao hemi bin ofisietem.

Maj blong Papua New Guinea mo Tonga, rafri Nawen Hopkins, Assistant referee Jeremy Garae mo Hilmon Sese mo Fourth Official, Robinson Banga olgeta nao i bin lukaotem.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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