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The U19 girls have played in the qualification tournament on Wednesday 11th of July in the morning against Hungary. They have lost that match in a score of 2-0 however the girls managed to associate quite a few plays and appear competitive against the much stronger European team at times.

Vanuatu Coach from Australia Shanon Zunker said, that was their ultimately goal as they are still very much a developing team for the girls and that they have their sights set on the youth Olympics which will be in Argentina in October.

“This trip to China along with some planned training camps are important preparation tools for the girls. For the boys it is a different story. The boys are a more competitive outfit and we’re awarded a wildcard entry into the main draw. They have commenced they first game yesterday and they have lost both of their matches, so they have 3 more matches to play before possibly advancing to the next round.” Said coach Shanon.

Under 19 men players of Nono Chilia and James Chilia have lost both their matches but they will play Bolivia today but with the 2 losses will put the boys out of the next round. There is a small chance for the U19 men’s team to win but it depends on all the other teams and who finishes in which place and is a match win in order for that small chance, today’s game starts at 11:45am china time.” Said coach Shanon

He continued to say that the players have been training very well in the past week both in China and on the Gold Coast and they have performed well too, against some of the teams in practice matches during their trainings.

“We got to play against teams from japan, Ecuador, Bolivia and Germany. The German team one of the strongest in the tournament.’

“The boys are competing for a spot in the youth Olympics so depending on our final placing will determine if the boys join the girls in Argentina. We won’t know which teams are in our pool or our first game time until tonight, said Shanon.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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