The Vanuatu volleyball Federation has had an outstanding participation from teams competing in the TVL Corporate Volleyball Wellness Shield on the 20th of June at Stade beach volleyball court from 5 – 8:30pm in the evening.

The Major sponsor for this tournament is Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) with support from Azure Pure Water who supplied water for all teams participating to drink.

This tournament will be held every Thursday of the week which started on the 6th and the second match has already been held on the 13th followed by 20th, and the fourth match will be on the 27th of June and also on 4th and eventually will end on the 11th of July.

In this competition the emphasis is on enjoyment and social atmosphere.

To build each team spirit, exercise, eat healthy, meet new people and also build relationship between organization and play as equal. The teams competing in the tournament will play following the mixture of Indoor and 4 a side rules.

Teams who played in yesterday’s matches are TRBR Tamtam Vs FEXCO, Law Partners Vs Vanuatu Tourism Office, Wilco 1 Vs VFSC 1, TVL2 Vs Breakers, Holiday Inn Spikers Vs BRED 1, MYSD Vs BSP2, VNPF Wolves Vs QBE 1, Daily Post Vs Wilco 2, Dynamic Vs Kava House Roots, AVL 1 Vs State Law 1, RBV 1 Vs Reality Tours, Live & Learn Vs BSP1 Boars, AVL 2 Vs BRED 2, QBE 2 Vs VFSC T2, MFA Avengers Vs NBV 1, TVL 1 Vs RBV 2, NBV 2 Vs State Law 2 Eagles, Chuan Store Vs Government.

Not only that there were games taking place at the beach volleyball court but there were barbeque sale too that happened yesterday. The barbeque fundraising was to help support Vanuatu men’s and women’s team for beach volleyball towards the 2019 Pacific Game in Apia, Samoa.

VVF would like to inform all the teams who are participating in the TVL Corporate Volleyball Wellness Shield that all the Pools result will be posted on the Vanuatu Beach volleyball Facebook page where you can find your teams result. (

“To all of those who make the time to come cheer the teams playing and give their support towards our beach volleyball team barbeque fundraising, VVF would like to thank all of you for your generous support and hopes to see all of you at next week’s competition,” Said VVF Media officer Christel Homu.

“Also to the referees and scorers who were in charge of the games last night Issac, Steve Banga, Sharon Toto, Garae Banga, Donny Aru, and Touchichi Robert and to our MC of the event Lucas Rotteveel and DJ Malon Poilapa for all your help,” said VVF Media Officer Christel Homu.

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