Armo Napuat i stap risivim cash payment blong hem long president blong AV, Rex Isachaar mo Simon Charley long background

Tufala long distance rana blong Vanuatu, Armo Napuat, Oceania Silver medalist mo Simon Charley, Gold medalist blong Oceania, oli risivim long yestede cash payment blongngng 42 km Marathon resis we tufala i bin tekem pat long hem long Dailian City, China, long manis May yia ya.

Hemia hemi appearance fee we tufala rana ya i entitle long hem follem negosiesen we President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Isachaar i requestem long olgeta marathon organization long China.

Totol amaon blongngng cash mane blong paymen blong tufala i kasem USD2500 (Vt240000) long wan wan man.

Folem storian blong marathon yet, Armo Napuat I jas arrive back long country long Wednesday naet after long 3 saksesful marathon race we hemi bin ko tekem part long hem long 3 different city long China. Arenjment ia hemi thru long President blong Athletics Vanuatu thru long body we i stap organaesem olgeta worldwide marathon race long Aisa mo Europe.

Armo I been mekem bigfala impruvmen long timing blong hem after long trifala saksesful marathon race ia. Payment blong trifala marathon race wea Armo Napuat I been ko tekem part long hem ia bae I should receivem lo nekis manis long nekis tour blong tufala long narafala marathon race, we hemi las race blong endem year ia.

President Blong Athletics Vanuatu mo executive board blong Athletics Vanuatu I wantem tekem time ia blong talem bigala tankio i go lo Ol family blong tufala top championship marathon runner blong Vanuatu mo Oceania , China Athletics Association blong save mekem I posibol blong tufala runner blong yumi save flym flag blong Vanuatu lo ol race we tufala I been ko tekem part lo hem lo ol different city lo China .

President blong Athletics Vanuatu i stap confirm vinis se I kat wan invitation vinis i i stap blong tufala marathon runner blong yumi I ko tekem part lo wan important race next year long Boston long USA, mo narawan long South Africa.

Hemia bae i good time mas from hemia ol preparation blong tufala champion blong Vanuatu tuwods 2019 Pacific Games mo Oceania Athletics Championship next year long Australia. President blong Athletics Vanuatu i stap confirmem vinis se tufala runner ia nomo, tufala i save securem 4 Gold Mo 4 silver long Pacific games Next year long July long Samoa.

Long nara nius blong Athletics , bambae I kat wan final Competition we Athletics Vanuatu bae I organisem bae I tekem place lo 29 November lo Korman Sport Complex, blong identifyem wan pre squad tuwods Samoa 2019 . Executive blong Athletics Vanuatu i stap encouragem olgeta top athletes long ol schools raon lo Port Vila Mo Shefa mo ol nara provincial athletes blong kam tekem part lo important competition ia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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