Coordinator and creator of The Vanuatu Cycling Revolution, Australian cyclist Chris Carson has said the third edition of the ride was a great success.

Nine cyclists completed 126km loop around the Efate ring road without any mishaps or misadventures.

Chris believes this was the greatest number of cyclists to ever complete the lap at one time.

Local ex-pat Michael McLennan later confirmed this, saying, “I have been here over 10 years and this is definitely the biggest group of cyclists to ever go around the island at once”.

Eight Australian cyclists were joined by Danish ex-pat Jens Nielsen to take the total number of the group to nine.

Of the 9 strong Australian contingent consisting of 8 cyclists and 1 supporter, this was the first time coming to Vanuatu for 5 of them.

Chris said that all of the group loved their four days in Vanuatu, both on and off the bike. The cyclists loved the scenic ride around the island, taking in spectacular coastline, big banyans and many villages.

They particularly liked the freedom on the roads afforded to them by the very few vans on the northern half of the island.

Chris said all the cyclists were well received by all the Ni-Vanuatu people along the length of the ride.

He said, “the van drivers were very patient and courteous, the village people were all friendly with many of them waving and cheering. Many of the children would line up to give us high fives. Sometimes we would even have local riders join in the group for some sections which everyone thoroughly enjoyed”.

The group completed the lap in 6 hours and 30 minutes, making many stops to take photos and stock up on refreshments.

Chris hopes to have 10 to 15 cyclists return to Vanuatu for next year’s event.

Many cyclists in the group have enjoyed their maiden trip to Vanuatu so much they have pledged to return.

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