Taiwia preventing a possible goal by Germany during the U20 FIFA World Cup in Korea last May.

National U20 Football goalkeeper, Dick Taiwia, is today’s Champion.

Originally, from Ifira Island, Taiwia hails from a family of sports figures.

With his Father Talek Sablong establishing the family name in Rugby, to his mum Jenny Taiwia who is part of the Cricket team.

Dick followed his father’s footsteps initially in rugby by joining the Ifira Black Bird Rugby Club in 2015.

With the sporting gene flowing through his veins, Taiwia made the National U20 Rugby Squad to Australia at the age of 17.

With a promising career already ahead of him, Dick then switched his boots and played the national sport, football, a year later.

He joined the Ifira Black Bird Football Club in 2016 and then recruited by the Vanuatu Football Federation to be part of the Football Academy in Teouma.

Needless to say, plans were already in motion to have the former rugby player in the National Football Squad.

Off the field in his early days, the Ifira sportsman began his studies at Encore Centreville then Melsisi on Pentecost and finally the Vanuatu Institute of Technology where he studied business and management.

By 2017, Taiwia was officially part of the National Football squad and displayed his skills during the match against Gemany where he held the Germans at 3-2.

The young sportsman is eager for the next big tournament in South Africa this August and is looking forward to an active sports career this year.

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