Pacific Games

Team Vanuatu for the XVI addition of the Pacific Games in Samoa 2019 continues to grow strong. The Vanuatu Association of Sport And National Olympic Committee has now confirmed the numbers headed to the games with 15 sports set to board the Air Vanuatu charter to Samoa in July this year, furthermore also confirming the governments help in providing training facilities for the Teams.

The Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development and the Vanuatu National Sports Commission have shown their support for our national athletes allowing use of the Gym at XFOL and facilities at Korman Stadium for free. Boasting

Vanuatu Association of Sport And

National Olympic Committee

another strong team, VASANOC and the Government of Vanuatu, expect a high level of performance from the athletes representing the Vanuatu Flag and so the ability to train at a high level has been greatly appreciated by the National Federations set to participate at the games.

VASANOC‘s Australian Government Volunteer and High Performance Coach, Charmaine Graem, was perhaps one of the most excited of all saying:

“We are so excited about this opportunity to collaborate with the Ministry of Youth And Sports Development and the Vanuatu National Sports Commission as all our NF‘s will now have access to use the gym and other facilities. It’s so important that we also have a plan for after the games as well though so we can push ourselves to that next level.

“As it stands we have a schedule for each National Federation to use Korman and XFOL and we are pushing really hard to get our athletes to a level where they can achieve success up to and building into the games and beyond.

“We will be running specific work in the gym around strength development for injury prevention, improved performance and improved session planning. We are really looking forward to delivering the fittest team we can to the pacific games”

The Samoa 2019 games will start on the 7th of July to the 20th with the full games schedule available at

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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