Tanna Cricket Ambassadors with course facilitator, McMillan Markia

Cricket Ambassadors on Tanna have successfully gone through a hardball scoring and umpiring seminar on the 28th and the 29th of June which is funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports Partnership program as part of the VCA’s outreach development to transition cricket ambassadors from softball cricket to hardball cricket.

A total of 12 participants from schools around Tanna attended the seminar which covered basics of hardball umpiring and scoring, how the game is played, equipment needed, the role and qualities of umpires and scorers, signals and decision making when umpiring or recording scores when scoring.

The cricket ambassadors were also introduced to different signals and rules for scorers when scoring which are learning to ‘Accept’ umpire’s decisions, ‘Acknowledge’ umpires, ‘Record’ the score and ‘Check’ that it is correct (AARC).

Participants were also given game scenarios to practice umpiring and scoring and McMillan Markia who facilitated the course said that he is impressed with how well the participants have learned and their willingness to learn more about hardball cricket.

“I was very impressed with how well the Cricket Ambassadors on Tanna have transitioned from understanding softball cricket to hardball cricket. Hardball cricket is a very new concept for them yet they were willing to learn and increase their understanding of cricket and I commend them for that,” expressed VCA Competitions and Umpiring and Scoring Officer, McMillan Markia.

At the end of the seminar participants were awarded with a successful participation and hardball scoring and umpiring certificate which certifies them to officiate hardball competitions on Tanna.

This program is funded through the Pacific Sports Partnership Program and the VCA would like to acknowledge the Australian Government for the funding.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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