Andrew Leong i stap handem ova olgeta polo shirt ya long kapten blong Nalkutan FC, Jeffery Tess

President blong Tafea FC, Jeffery Kaut, hemi aot long Tanna long bifo yestede blong flae i kam daon mo soem sapot blong hem long klab blong Province blong hem.

Kaut hemi bin stanap long yestede long Teouma Academy blong wishim klab good luck long 3 day kompetisen blong Champions League.

“Province blong yumi long Tafea i gat bigfala sapot long tim,” Tafea Province President Kaut i talem long fored blong full Nalkutan FC tim.

“Prayer blong mifala se bambae yumi save mekem. Olsem toktok blong mifala i talem se solwota nomo i blokem yumi, sapos no mifala olgeta man Tanna, mifala olgeta man blong wokbaot, bambae yu save lukim full Tanna oli stanap tede long Korman Stadium blong sapotem klab blong olgeta.

“Mi tekem janis ya blong wishim klab blong Province blong mi, good luck long kompetisen ya.”

Yestede tu i bin lukim wan long olgeta eksperiens man insaed long hao blong manejem wan tim long level blong kompetisen ya, Andrew Leong, hemi tekem taem blong hem blong save leko ofis blong hem mo kam donetem 3 set blong shirt we bambae olgeta pleia i yusum taem oli stap wokbaot olbaot long taem blong kompetisen ya.

“Nalkutan FC i nogat wan star insaed long hem, yufala everiwan i olgeta star,” Leong i talem.

“Nalkutan FC i no Raoul Coulon o Moise Poida, Nalkutan FC hemi wan tim, mo sapos yufala i wantem win, yufala mas plei olsem wan tim.

“Mi biliv se bambae tim ya i save go kasem kwota faenol, mo mi stap wishim yufala all the best long 3 dei kompetisen ya.”

President blong Tafea Football Association, Iau Tuan, hemi talemaot tingting blong hem yestede se, drim blong hem i kam tru finis taem we tim blong hem i kwalifae from Champions League, be bambae hemi wan hapi man moa, sapos oli kasem kwota faenol.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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