The Chairman of the TAFEA National Games 2019, Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and same time Secretary General for the TAFEA Provincial Government Council (TPGC), Mr. Joe Iautim says TAFEA Province is ready to host the 12th National Games next month - 2 weeks away from today.

Mr. Iautim made this statement during a LOC Meeting at the Lamenu Stadium, Tanna this week.

“TAFEA Province is ready and is looking forward to receiving athletes from other Province including the two municipalities to compete with us next month”, SG Iautim says.

“My Local Organizing Committee members are driving every effort now to ensure unfinished work preparations are ready in time and should be completed by this week end. There are minor things to fix, however, will be fixed in time prior arrival of athletes”.

Mr. Iautim urged the games committee members to remain committed and faithful and ensure communication and cooperation is well displayed in these last week of preparation to give athletes the best game environment. He also asked members to continue with preparations ahead of a very unique and surprising Opening and Closing ceremony.

The LOC has confirmed around 2,000 athletes who will be participating at the Games including Games Officials and 150 Volunteers that will be assisting the operation of the Games.

“We have received draft athletes list from provinces as, TORBA with 50, SANMA with 172, Luganville with 214, PENAMA with 30, MALAMPA with 232, SHEFA with 232, Port Vila with 232 and TAFEA with 232 athletes. However, this number might decrease due to recent transport arrangements being made”, the SG said.

The LOC has confirmed that athletes will be accommodated at the following Games Villages: College de Lowanatom, TAFEA College, Lenakel Presbyterian College and Isangel College.

The 12th National Games theme is “Sharing the Spirit”, whereby athletes will come together to compete, socialize and exchange cultural values together through the spirit of sports.

“The theme itself express the excitement, athletes will experience during this one week event”, a LOC member said.

In other news, SG Iautim has also confirmed that the TAFEA Provincial Government Council (TPGC) has allocated another extra Vt2 million as part of its support towards the participating TAFEA Athletes for the National Games purposely for incentives.

Mr Iautim said the TAFEA Gold winners will be receiving an amount of Vt5000 cash and an additional allowance will also be given to all TAFEA athletes representing TAFEA in the games.

“TAFEA Province will be the first province to providing incentive to its athletes and a way to empower their athletes to think seriously about ‘Sport as a Career’ and not only seeing sport as an activity to keep them physically fit”.

He added that the province has identified a number of new talented athlete, therefore, providing incentive would also be a good way to bring forward ‘hidden talented athlete’ to come forward to show their talents.

TAFEA will be selecting more than 200 athletes for the Games.

Meanwhile, twelve sports discipline have been confirmed for the Games including Parasports. The disciplines are: Football (Men and Women), Futsal (Men), Volleyball (Men and Women), Beach Volley (Men and Women), Basketball (Men & Women), Netball (Women), Athletics, Boxing, Karate, Petanque (Men and Women), Table Tennis (Men and Women).

This is the 12th edition of National Games which is scheduled to take place from the 5th – 11th May 2019 at the Lamenu Stadium, at Lenakel in Tanna, TAFEA Province.

The LOC can be contacted on Tel: 88969 at the Lamenu Stadium or do follow us on Facebook on Pages: Vanuatu National Games 2019 or Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, Vanuatu to receive updates for the Games.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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