Bong Kalo long fes maj blong hem wetem FC Ascona. Photo: Bruno

Follem press release blong Vanuatu Football Federation se i nogat eni fomol aplikesen blong Intanasonal Transfea Setifiket blong Bong Kalo, Daily Sport hemi kasem agent blong Bong Kalo, Bruno mo hemi kam blong kliarem air long isiu we i stap.

Kalo hemi saenem naoia wan Agrimen blong 3 manis wetem FC Ascona blong trial wetem olgeta kasem January taem we transfea windo hemi open blong oli save lodgem wan fomol Intanasonal Transfea Setifiket blong Kalo.

Naoia we i stap arenjmen we Agent, Bruno hemi mekem hemi blong Kalo hemi tren, plei mo ataj wetem klab long samfala kondisen se klab hemi mitim akomodesen, kaikai mo transport blong Kalo mo wan smol alawens.

FC Ascona hemi bin mekem wan fomol rikwes i go long Swiss Football Association blong rikwestem Intanasonal Transfea Setifiket be Swiss Football i kambak blong talem se from Kalo hemi wan Amata we hemi nogat eni rikod blong hem, mo blong savem taem, oli go bak long wan internal regulesen insaed long Transfea Act blong olgeta mo oli se Kalo i no nidim hemia long taem blong hem wetem FC Ascona.

Toktok we Agent Bruno hemi talem hemi se Kalo hemi wan Amata pleia, Swiss Football i givim grin laet finis, mo las wiken hemi pleiem fes maj blong hem long wan 2-2 dro, we Agent i talem se Kalo hemi outstanding tumas long maj ya.

Afta long 3 manis trial o atajmen wetem FC Ascona, bambae Kalo oli jas aplae from wan Intanasonal Transfea Setifiket taem hemi saenem profesonol kontrak blong hem, we Agent Bruno i se bambae hemi happen. Wetem wanem klab stret, yumi everiwan i no save abaot hemia.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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