Strength and Conditioning is a phrase not often heard in local Sports but is one that will definitely shine through as a huge factor in Vanuatu and more stressfully #TeamVanuatu in the coming years.

The realisation that National Federations lacked in this area has been of concern particularly to VASANOC who have taken on board Charmaine Zinner as the #TeamVanuatu strength and conditioning advisor.

Zinner‘s experience particularly with our commonwealth games bronze medallists, beach volleyballers, Linline Matauatu and Miller Pata has allowed her to witness firsthand the areas we lack in and how individual sports work with different muscles and training programs that increase strength, agility, awareness and other important factors

VASANOC CEO, Henry Tavoa, was excited about the arrival of Zinner:

“were excited to welcome a new face, along with an all new area of coaching into our family, the last few years, Charmaine has been working with Vanuatu Beach Volleyball and will maintain her current Strength and Conditioning role with them, training athletes like Miller Pata, Loti Joe, and Linline Matauatu, which has made her transition to the team a lot easier having that experience, except now she will work with all our affiliated National Federations which will be a fantastic challenge for her”.

Zinner — who’s very humble in nature — has already begun working with many of #TeamVanuatu NF‘s, particularly those travelling to the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games and is serving as a positive role model to people everywhere. Her impact is touching the lives of people both young and old, male and female and will serve as extra initiative for success on the international stage for #TeamVanuatu.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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