Bred Bank

Pauline Malanga has the world to herself. Rudes v French Flare in Bred Bank 3x3 2019’s 4x4 tournament. Photo Courtesy: VBF

Solid challenge for the next Bred Bank 3x3 Stop 5 is expected to hit the courts at the Korman Indoor Complex this weekend, Sunday 14 April at 2.30pm.

From the last Stop 4 tournament, Hot Sauces and Rudes claimed top titles in the Elite Men and Social Mix categories, both teams consisted of national players. Seemingly upcoming teams are expected to showcase their challenges and talents this coming weekend.

Vanuatu Basketball Federation (VBF) National Basketball Development Officer (NBDO) Sacha Duthu was telling Daily Sports that, “We witness new people coming every tournament which excitingly tells VBF that our strategy is paying back, and the future is bright.

“We are expecting 12 teams this weekend, but the number depends.

“With the popularity of the 3x3 Basket, it’s easier for grass root players. Reason being it’s a much shorter game, allows for more games in a tournament, faster and more flexible as you can include more friends to join in the game, there’s the beat of music, and food on sale. Also, people tend to have souvenirs through photographs, and can be followed up”, said NBDO Sacha Duthu.

Meanwhile Vanuatu Basketball is delighted to announce the 5x5 Championship to be held on 27 July 2019, after the Bred 3x3 Tournament is over, and after the SAMOA2019 Pacific Games in July.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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