DG- Henry Vira addressing the importance of proper planning to officers

The Director General of the Ministry of Youth Development & Sports, Mr Henry Vira has assured staff of the Ministry to ‘Step up’ in expanding and initiating activities to supporting more youth and Sports Development in Vanuatu.

DG Vira made this statement during the retreat of the Ministry held on Wednesday this week at the Korman Sports Complex in Port Vila.

Mr Vira has stressed a number of issues pertaining young people and urged officers to deeply identify best way forward to addressing these issues.

“We need to encourage and prioritize planning for this year. We have so much potentials for young people, if we are to provide employment for them, how can we do that? We need to do something to get young people engaged”, DG Vira said.

DG has also added that Provincial Officers need to be more proactive and to work more collaboratively with Area Councils as a priority.

The three days retreat for the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports has officially opened on Wednesday by the Minister responsible- Hon, Seule Simeon.

In his official opening address, Minister Seule said, “This year is our time to work. We want to see fair representation of Youth and Sports within our areas as well as ensure that there is progress in expanding youth and sports development in Vanuatu”.

Minister Seule also acknowledge the importance of having a new team lead by the new DG within the Ministry and has strongly encouraged team to come up with strategic plans as way forward.

Officers from the Cooperate Service Unit, Department, Vanuatu National Sports Commission, the Vanuatu National Youth Council, the Provincial Youth and Sports Officers and Youth Presidents attended the retreat and have presented their 2018 reports, identify challenges encounter and present their way forward as part of 2019 Planning.

Acting Director- Johnson Toa has chaired sessions allowing officers to participate in discussions and identifying gaps that need to be addressed within the Youth & Sports Sector. Youth Entrepreneurship, Employment and Registration were some highlights discussion.

“Youth should be our focused priority area of work. Sport is just an activity part of which youth are involved in”, Vanuatu National Youth President- Morry Rueben said.

Mr. Morry has also urged that cooperation between Provincial Youth President and Provincial Youth and Sports Officers is a must to developing youth work and addressing issues affecting them.

In sports, Provincial Youth and Sports Officers and the Vanuatu National Sports Commission have raised a number of issues on sporting facilities and what sporting plans are to be implemented this year including the upcoming Vanuatu National Games which will be scheduled on the 5th – 11th May on Tanna Island.

“Last year has been a busy year for TAFEA province to host a number of games. However, we are determined to host the National Games this year, no matter what”, says TAFEA Provincial Youth and Sports Officer, Allan Dan.

Mr Allan has also confirmed that ground preparations are underway and provincial youth and Sports Officers should assist provincial government to select athletes and make arrangements on logistics to bring best athletes to compete on Tanna.

“Facility and budget is a constraint. However, we want to see a small improvement for the Lamenu Stadium to host the game”, Allan added.

Meanwhile, a lot of contribution were made by the Director General acknowledging everyone’s progress so far and strongly encouraging officers to identifying and initiate new directives or strategies to continue to promote youth development and sports in Vanuatu.

The Ministry of Youth Development and Sports acknowledges support from the Department of Strategic Policy Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC) and the Ministry of Finance towards the retreat and is looking forward to continue this working relationship onward.

The retreat will end on Friday.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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