The Minister of Sports Simeon Seule has invited the people of the pacific to go to Vanuatu for the Pacific Mini Games in December saying his government was happy with the ongoing collaboration with the pacific Games Council, VASANOC and the Van2017 organising Committee, in the preparation process

Minister Seule was speaking during the Van2017 presentation in front of delegates and dignitaries attending the ONOC Annual General Assembly at the Sofitel and spa in Denarau, Fiji islands on Friday 31 March.

It is the Vanuatu Government’s Commitment in 2011 to host the Pacific Mini-Games and to date the Government has fulfilled its financial commitment as demanded from the 2016 pacific Mini-Games Variation of the Games Host Agreement signed between my government, VASANOC and the pacific Games Council.

“With this commitment from the government, including a clear legislative framework, a hard-working resourceful organizing Committee and support from the private sector and willing volunteers, I would like to reassure you all that my Ministry undertakes the Games planning in a transparent and fully accountable way.

“We aim to deliver an operationally excellent Games within the budget and to help ensure that this will be staged in a beautiful environment that one has to be in Vanuatu to experience and enjoy so that the Games deliver on the Vision as stipulated in the pacific Games Charter which is “To promote a unique, friendly world-class competition and Games and to develop sport for the benefit of the people, the nations and the territories of the pacific Community”.

“We recognize the extensive commitment taken by each respective Olympian country of the Oceania and accept the responsibility to make a lasting feeling of “igniting the spirit within you all” during the two weeks you will spend with us in our beautiful capital city Port Vila.

“I wish to convey the Government’s deepest appreciation to your trust and confidence in allowing Vanuatu to host the pacific Mini-Games and with my people behind me” I want to invite you all to my happiest place on the planet-Vanuatu.

“I also wish to invite Colleague Ministers of Sport who have a team registered to attend and support your team as well as to attend the sports Ministers meeting that I will be hosting during the Games to discuss further improvements in taking the Games and Sports in the pacific to the next level and continuing Oceania’s heritage as a sporting region.’’

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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