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Vanuatu’s Miller Pata (L) and teammate Linline Matauatu (R) celebrate winning the bronze medal in the women’s beach volleyball at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast on April 12, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / WILLIAM WEST (Photo credit should read WILLIAM WEST/AFP/Getty Images)


• Vanuatu Association of Sports And National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) chief executive Henry Tavoa has hailed the success of the recent Pacific Mini Games in the country.

• Athletics Vanuatu oli elektem wan niufala eksekiutif ova long longfala wiken blong Niu Yia. Faenol Eksekiutif Miting blong Athletics Vanuatu i lukim oli elektem wan niufala Eksekiutif wetem Rex Issachar olsem niufala president follem wetem wan festaem eva posisen blong Chief Executive Officer i go long David Patunvanu.

• The International Cricket Council (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) men’s and women’s team that will be competing in the Toyota Australian Country Cricket Championships (ACCC from January 5 to 13 in Geraldon, Western Australia. The team has six PNG players after the squads were finalised last month, and eight Vanuatu players and team will be coached by Joe Rika from Fiji and Shane Deitz from Vanuatu.

• Vanuatu is the most improved football team in world football in December 2017, according to FIFA. The world governing body says Vanuatu’s Pacific Mini Games gold medal means it has climbed 28 places in the world rankings – more than any other country.

• Afta long wan saksesful Pacific Mini Games we i lukim Vanuatu hemi winim 26 medal everiwan long athletics nomo, we i wan histri blong spot ya, i lukim oli kikim off 2018 wetem wan anaonsmen we putum Vanuatu long wol map bageken. Hemi festaem eva blong athletics Vanuatu hemi go patisipet long wan International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Marathon. Niufala Golden boy blong Vanuatu, Simon Charley hemi talem tata long olgeta fren mo family long Bauerfield airport blong hem go patisipet long IAAF Hong Kong Marathon, we bambae i kik off stret long namba 21 January.

• The Vanuatu Surfing Association (VSA) will be hosting its second annual Leimalo Surf Festival in the wave rich region of Pango Village, Vanuatu. Named after Leimalo, the local female deity who is said to bless surfers with good waves, the festival is turning into one of the biggest gatherings of indigenous surfing tribes and offers one of the highest prize purses in the Pacific.

• Vanuatu national women’s cricket team captain, Selina Solman, is currently in Adelaide on player placement with the Southern District Stingrays under the proud sponsorship of FairBreak Gobal in support of gender equality.


• The Vanuatu Team to travel to the Commonwealth Games has been named. A total of 18 athletes have been selected and will compete in four sports at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

• Wan long olgeta top lokol koj blong Vanuatu Football Federation, Moise Poida, hemi stap sakem resignesen leta blong hem long ofis blong VFF ofis. Poida we hemi stap long las misen blong hem naoia long futbol wetem Nalkutan FC, hemi disaed blong tekem step ya afta long plante konsaltesen mo hemi disaed se Fraede namba 2 February hemi las dei blong hem wetem VFF.

• Vanuatu finishes 5th at the Shepparton’s World Tour.

• Erakor GS FC i pem Vt700,000 fine. Hemi kam olsem wan sapraes mo nius i go long olgeta futbol fan raon long Vanuatu taem we wan nius i stap go raon se Erakor Golden Star FC hemi pem wan bigfala fine i go long Oceania Football Confederation (OFC).

• Tufala Vanuatu klab we naoia oli stap plei long Oceania Champions League, Nalkutan FC mo Erakor Golden Star oli kam blong mekem histri blong futbol long Vanuatu wetem olgeta win long dei 1. Neva long histri blong futbol blong Vanuatu i lukim 2 Vanuatu klab oli openem champions lik wetem wan win. Nalkutan FC we oli plei long wiken oli kam blong winim Ba FC long 1-0, mo yestede i lukim Erakor oli kam blong winim Solomon Warriors long wan sko blong 2-0.


• The International Olympic Committee has approved the awarding of Athlete Training scholarships to two Vanuatu athletes, Boe Warawara (boxing) and Rillio Rio Rii (rowing). The scholarships will provide funding for both athletes leading up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and will allow them to access the best facilities available.

• Vanuatu’s national football team will travel to Europe for a month this year – and could even play a FIFA friendly there. VFF president Lambert Matlock says the VFF Exco has approved a trip to Europe for a one-month camp in preparation for the Olympic qualification tournament and 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

• Vanuatu OFC Champions League club debutants, Nalkutan FC to play Marist in the quarterfinal.

• In an amazing result, Friana Kwevira has won a bronze medal in an internally rated javelin competition in Melbourne Australia on Saturday.

• After a successful 2017 Pacific Mini Games, the office that brought you the Games has finally closed its doors.

• As of this week Digicel Vanuatu is the new sponsor of the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) National Super League (NSL).


• Vanuatu Football Federation has launched the OFC Just Play Sport 2 Life Programme for the first time in Vanuatu on Tuesday 3rd April 2018.

• Elite-level coaches and support staff changing a baby’s nappies courtside is not what you expect to see at a locked-down Commonwealth Games venue just days out from competition. But such is the case for Vanuatu’s beach volleyball team, who are juggling wet wipes and prams with the demands of gunning for a gold medal. Vanuatu’s flag bearer, Miller Pata is the mother of seven-month-old Tommy, her second child, and she’s also the on-court partner of Linline Matauatu as the pair attempt to win a medal for the first time in the country’s history.

• Marist FC were on-target when it counted as they squeezed past Nalkutan FC 2-1 at Korman Stadium in Port Vila this evening to take their place in the OFC Champions League semi-finals for the first time.

• In a packed Carrara Stadium, watched by 25,000 spectators, 19 year old Friana Kwevira from Nduindui Village on West Ambae won a bronze medal in the F46 Javelin, throwing 24.54 metres to win Vanuatu’s first ever Commonwealth Games medal.

• Vanuatu is celebrating a second Commonwealth Games medal after their women’s beach volleyball team beat Cyprus in the playoff for bronze.


• Football’s world governing body has suspended it financial support to the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) because of issues raised in an audit into a multi- million- dollar project to build a new headquarter for OFC in Auckland, New Zealand.

• The 2018 Football for Friendship (F4F) programme is transforming a FIFA World Cup dream into reality for Meihua Franck and Iawiolo Batal, two Ni-Vanuatu youngsters selected to fly to Russia, all trip expenses paid, to represent Vanuatu at the F4F programme. F4F is an annual International Children’s social programme organised by Gazprom, an international company supporting global social projects and setting new social policy standards.

• On the 3rd of May Vanuatu sent a Table Tennis Para player Francis Boelulunavanua and his coach, Ham Lulu to participate in the 2018 Oceania Para Table Tennis Training Camp and Australian Para Championship in Canberra from the 4th till the 11th of May.

• Vanuatu’s late rally after three consecutive losses at the start of the WCL Division Four has put Denmark’s final-standings fate out of their own hands as the NiVans upended the Danes by five wickets with as many balls to spare at the Kinrara Academy Oval to become the first team all week to successfully chase a target at the ground.

• Afta long 43 yia olsem wan long olgeta longest playing club insaed long PVFA we hemi prodiusum plante top Vanuatu nasonal rep long kaontri tede, Tupuji Imere FC hemi kam blong winim taetol olsem 2017/2018 jampionship wina.

• Hometown hero Yoshua Shing showed why he is the ping pong prince of the Pacific, defeating Papua New Guinea’s Geoffrey Loi 4-1 to take the title. It is Shing’s sixth Pacific Cup title and his third in a row. For Vanuatu Table Tennis, the feat Yoshua has pulled off is a historic feat that Yoshua will be recorded down as Vanuatu’s Table Tennis Legend for the years to come, as he has been in the table tennis regional circuit since he was barely a teenager.

• Team Wellington will finally have their name emblazoned on the OFC Champions League trophy after overcoming Lautoka 10-3 on aggregate over two legs in the final of Oceania’s premier international club competition.


• Samoa will be offering 26 sports when it hosts the 2019 Pacific Games in Apia.

• Vanuatu’s Lambert Maltock is expected to become a new FIFA vice-president representing Oceania after being elected to lead the region’s Continental Federation.

• Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup i kik off long Vanuatu.

• The newly elected head of Oceania Football Confederation and at the same time FIFA Vice President, Vanuatu’s own Lambert Maltock relayed some heartwarming news back to Vanuatu from Moscow, Russia, in an email saying that the works on the stadium at Fresh Water Field should start as soon as possible.

• Tahiti remain suspended as a member of the Pacific Games Council (PGC) despite “clearing the first hurdle” towards reinstatement. Tahiti were suspended in December following “political interference” after their Government boycotted the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu.


• The Oceania Football Confederation is in mourning following the passing of our close friend and colleague Emmie Sope after a long illness.

• Pango Village surfer John Stephen has become the first Ni-Vanuatu to obtain a Level Two International Surfing Association Surf Coaching accreditation.

• France has become champion of the world for a second time after holding out a determined Croatia in an entertaining World Cup final.

• Sport i lusum 2 mein man. Tufala ya i gat leit Pastor Philip Malas mo leit Joe Joel.


The Vanuatu Hockey Federation will be hosting the ‘World Series Round One’ of Hockey in Port Vila, at Wan Smol Bag Sports Field on August 15-18.

Vanuatu boxa, Lionel Warawara hemi aotem Queensland 60kg 2018 Jampion long home graon.

Riilio ‘Rio’ Rii of Vanuatu dived to victory to take the countries first ever Commonwealth gold medal, in any sport at the inaugural Commonwealth Beach Rowing Sprint Championships.

Vanuatu Hockey Federation has hosted a very successful international Hockey5s event over the past week. Fiji, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu competed in both Men and Women’s Sections, run by Oceania Hockey Federation. Vanuatu men were outstanding and took the gold medal after defeating top seed Fiji for the very first time, at any hockey level.

Vanuatu’s 22-year-old boxer, Lionel Warawara, has won gold in the latest Australian Golden Glove tournament which took place from the 22nd- 26th August in Brisbane, Australia.


VASANOC Executive Board approved the final draft of its Child Protection Policy on Tue 4 September. VASANOC CEO, Henry Tavoa, said “As the National Association for Sports in Vanuatu, approving such a policy is timely because VASANOC works mainly with Youth and Children through the National Federations and in Team Vanuatu”


Ludvine Beheim has been officially named Flag Bearer on Monday 1 October to lead Vanuatu’s young athletes to the Youth Olympic Games.

The grandstand at Laminu Stadium on Tanna is getting a new permanent facelift, thanks to Loli Construction and another construction company from Tanna.

Tu dei Vanuatu National Athletics Championship i end wetem wan bigfala sakses afta we i lukim 312 athletes raon long Vanuatu oli faet had blong bukum nem blong olgeta long National Championship blog 2018.

BSP Amicale FC hemi 2018 Opening Knockout jampion. Galaxy FC hemi no antisipetem hevi lus las wiken, afta we oli bin foldaon long 5-1 agensem BSP Amicale FC long grand faenol blong PVFA Opening Knockout.

FIFA Development Officer, Ronen Hershco the Development Manager Oceania at FIFA wrote an email to the Vanuatu Football Federation Secretary General, Albert Manaroto advising that a sum of USD100000 (Vt10 Million) has been transferred to the Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) Account. The Vt10 Million was transferred to VFF’s account concerning the new VFF Stadium to be built at the Freshwater Football Field.

Erakor wins bid to host 2019 OFC Champions League Group stage.

Vanuatu Football’s Lambert Maltock made a sounding statement over the weekend concerning OFC on FIFA’s grey list. With the restriction lifted Oceania Football can now fully benefit from the FIFA grants and projects and also FIFA radar on money laundering, as we have seen lately with the CONCACAF former and current presidents being banned and fined by FIFA.


Athletics Vanuatu Federation i openem niufala ofis blong hem long Korman sporting complex long building blong Vanuatu Cricket haus.

Epi klab, Nuvi FC hemi SESFA Digicel Jampionsip 2018 wina.

The Just Play Football programme has been launched on Maewo Island by Councillor Jackson ADING. “This is the first time Just Play programme is implemented on Maewo, since its introduction in Penama province”, Said Mr Ading.

Vanuatu hemi joinem 163 kaontri raon long wol blong tekem pat long AIBA (Amata Boxing Asosiesen) internasonal kongress long Russia.

Tufala long distance rana blong Vanuatu, Armo Napuat, Oceania Silver medalist mo Simon Charley, Gold medalist blong Oceania, oli risivim long yestede cash payment blongngng 42 km Marathon resis we tufala i bin tekem pat long hem long Dailian City, China, long manis May yia ya. Hemia hemi appearance fee we tufala rana ya i entitle long hem follem negosiesen we President blong Athletics Vanuatu, Rex Isachaar i requestem long olgeta marathon organization long China. Totol amaon blongngng cash mane blong paymen blong tufala i kasem USD2500 (Vt240000) long wan wan man.

The 2018 ordinary and extra-ordinary VASANOC AGMs approved the applications for the Vanuatu Surfing Association, the Vanuatu Darts Federation and the Vanuatu Ski Federation as new members. The new VASANOC members are now the recognized National Federation for their respective sports in Vanuatu.


New Zealand have made history over the weekend by claiming the bronze medal at the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup after defeating Canada 2-1 at the Estadio Charrúa in Montevideo.

Strength and conditioning coach Zinner joins VASANOC.

Tafea FC i endem fes leg blong 2018/2019 sisen witaot wan lus.

Vanuatu have defended their Oceania Women’s Beach Volleyball title, denying Tahiti a clean sweep of the podiums in Papeete, Tahiti.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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