Sports Commission

Daerekta Jenerol Henry Vira

Vanuatu Sports Commission thru long Daerekta Jenerol blong Ministry blong Yut mo Spot, Henry Vira i kamaot blong anaonsem se bambae oli revivem bak tunamen blong Provins of Origin tunamen.

National Sports Commission long yia ya i gat 2 bigfala ivent, National Games long Manis May mo Pacific Games long manis July, wetem tufala bigfala ivent ia i kamap, Sports Commission hemi disaed blong involvem moa yangfala long spot, from i gat nid blong developmen mo involve moa long spots long kaontri.

Sports Commission i anaonsem se Provins of Origin bambae i happen long Port Vila long manis May, June mo July.

“Taem we i gat olgeta bigfala ivent olsem National Games mo Pacific Games, mi wantem tu blong enkarejem kaen program olsem from i gat bigfala nid blong involvem olgeta we oli no plei spots blong save pat tu long hemia,” Daerekta Jenerol blong Yut mo Spot i talem.

Daerekta Jenerol Vira hemi kamaot blong talem se bifo i gat wan spot nomo long Provins of Origin, we hemi futbol be long yia ya olgeta i stap tingting blong involvem moa long wan spot.

“Olgeta disaplin we mifala i stap lukluk long hem i gat futbol, netball, indoa voleibol blong man, bij soka mo cricket blong man mo woman,” Vira i talem.

Daerekta Jenerol Vira hemi talem se wetem olgeta top klas fasiliti we naoia Vanuatu i gat long Korman Stadium, hemi taem Vanuatu i mekem yus long hem mo semtaem kipim ‘momentum’ we Vanuatu i bin mekem long Van2017 Pacific Mini Games i laef i stap.

Bambae i gat konsaltesen wetem olgeta spot federesen bifo hemia i happen.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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