MG Tafea FC

MG Global organized a dinner night for the players and management of the Club to celebrate the unbeaten record so far this season.

Team Manager of MG Tafea Football Club, Abdul Shamim, said the good sponsorship for MG Global to the MG Tafea FC has brought great achievement this year on the performance of the club.

Shamim said the secret for good football today is to have good sponsorship to help players as well in their career.

Shamim said 10 years ago, MG Tafea FC, was seen for the last time in the podium and from then, the club has recorded bad to very bad outcomes until last year when MG Global agreed to be their main sponsor.

“MG Global sponsorship has enabled us to pay allowances to our players; a great incentive to help their families and for them to be able to continue with the love of soccer.” Abdul stressed.

He said the sponsorship also gave them opportunity to get players from other clubs to join MG Tafea as well as hiring a player from Solomon Islands.

Coach Richard Iwai said ever since MG Tafea FC received sponsorship from MG Global, they have been able to organize better trainings for the players and get the discipline back into force.

“I must say that lots of players today need financial assistance to look for themselves or relatives and what we are getting here is quite remarkable as players can also fulfill their needs,” Iwai explained.

He said after 10 years, MG Tafea FC has proven its capability by restoring its first position in 2018 and it is working very hard now to top the next championship and to be able to represent Vanuatu in the O’league season next year.

“The boys are doing great in the championship and we are looking forward to be tougher in coming games as we want to go as far as to the O’league tournament and make new history if we are given the opportunity,” a confident coach explained.

“I think it is the first time in the history of the Tafea FC for the boys to get allowances after all matches and that has pushed the efforts to the next level and that explains why we have achieved so many things this year to top the championship ranking so far,” Iwai stressed.

Team Captain, Henderson has congratulated all the players for the teamwork done in the field during all the matches of 2018 and asked that the attitude must be kept high in the spirit for the next games for MG Tafea FC.

Henderson has assured that all players will give the best of their capabilities to bring MG Tafea FC to the next O’League season by progressing in the championship.

Mr. Patrick Li, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MG Group in Vanuatu Projects, also Technical Advisor of the club, recalled the sponsorship announcement early this year in which there was strong emphasis on the World Guinness Book of records about Tafea FC.

Mr. Patrick said the company will continue its sponsorship to MG Tafea FC and has congratulated the players and the management of the football club for the great achievement and positive results in the last competitions.

A celebration dinner was then organized by MG Global on Friday night in Crystal Palace, after the 4-1 win against Yatel FC, for all players and management staff to enjoy the unbeaten result in 2018.

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