SPGC donates Vt150,000 to South Efate Shefa Football Association

Shefa Provincial Council members witnessing the handing ceremony. From l-r: SPGC finance chairman, Councillor Ray George presenting the cheque to SESFA President Michel Kalworai. Back l-r: Sam Kiri, member, SPGC Secretary, Sakaraia Daniel, Vice chairman of Social Welfare, George Kalkaua and Shefa administrator, Johnny Kalowia.

The Shefa Provincial Government Council (SPGC) donated Vt150,000 to the South Efate Shefa Football Assosciation(SESFA) at the Shefa office yesterday afternoon.

The donation will go towards the Shefa Digicel Super League 2018, which has been taking place since last week at the Korman Stadium.

President of SESFA, Michel Kalworai acknowledged the Shefa Provincial Council for its sponsorship towards the football development in Shefa Province.

He says the fund will be used to aid Shefa Football Association officials who will be travelling to Epi island this week to carry out Pool B games of the Shefa Digicel Super League 2018.

Pool A games took place last week at the Korman Stadium, which saw Fenua Temanu Baku FC leading the classment and Fatukei FC as its runner up.

President Kalworai says the Epi clubs were not present in last week’s games due to the cost and transportation challenges. He says there are 4 clubs altogether participating in the Pool B Digicel games.

The clubs are already in the game villages and will begin their games next week on the 3rd-7th of September. The games will be held at the Louis Kora Stadium in Rovo bay. The officials will leave for Epi today (Friday) to carry out the programs.

The tournament will see teams compete for a spot in the OFC championship.

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