The South Pacific Darts Championship is being held here in Port Vila commencing 15th January and concluding with the medal playoffs at the Anchor Inn on Friday 19th January commencing at 5-30.

Representative teams from Nauru, Niue, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Tonga are coming to represent their countries as well as 2 representatives’ sides from Vanuatu.

Port Vila Darts Association is requesting ex-pats living in Port Vila from these countries get along to the venues and support your country men and women.

The Vanuatu rep teams are;

Men’s Team #1: Patison Hapi, Ori Groundlin, (NBV Avengers) Greg Willie (Barretts) Charley Maraki (Wilco) Samuel Hakwa (AON) Simon Molvis (TVL) Markson Murumo (NBV Legends)

Men’s Team #2: Max Wesley, Robson Iavro, Peter Moses (VMF) Yano Fiakaifonu , Jerry Tari (AON) Harvey Toto, James Saba (TVL)

Women’s Team #1: Esther Murumo, Matha Kilip, Harris Toka, Julian Williams (NBV Seahawks) Serah Toto (AON) Liz Sarapera, Rita Paul (Tupuji).

Women’s Team #2; Claudia Albert, Susan George (Wilco) Isabelle Simon (AON) Ava Moses (VMF) Skye Carlson (NBV Seahawks) Connie Matawatu (Tupuji) and Gwen Malkotine (NBV Lions)

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor


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