Klasmen afta long fes raon blong jampionship

South Efate Football League (SEFL) hemi kamaot blong talem se oli ofisoli statem ftubol program blong olgeta.

After long wan meeting, Department blong Yut mo Sports long Shefa Provincial Government Council, ((SEFL) Hemi kam blong konfemem se program blong olgeta i kik off yestede.

“Bifo oli actually statem 2017/2018 season bambae oli mas komplitim sekon raon blong fes leg we hemi 2016/2017,” Shefa Provins Sports Ofisa, George Kalo i talem.

Long kik off blong SEFL long Tasde yestede, long 9am, Eraniau hemi pleiem Erangorango, Elau Egis i plei Pango long 11am mo Fresh Wota i plei Eratap FC long 1pm.

“Long bihaf blong Shefa Provincial Gavman mi wantem talem tankio i go long President Blong south Efate Football League blong mekem i posibol blong olgeta program is ave stat.

Yumi mas finisem seken raon yia blong save konfemem wan tim blo South Efate Football League towodsem National Supa League we bae i tekem ples long Tongoa long manis May yia ia,” Kalo i talem.

Kalo hemi kontiniu blong talem se long South East Efate League, oli finisem fes mo sekon raon finis mo klab we hemi redi blong representem SEFL long NSL hemi Epau Football Club.

Semtaem tu hemi stap apil i go olgeta President blong olgeta nara eria league blong stat singaotem miting mo drowem ap olgeta blong 2017/2018 sesen.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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