Sharon Firisua is amongst those Athletics athletes selected for the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu

Athletics Solomon Islands has released the names of their final squad for the upcoming Vanuatu Mini-Games, December 2017.

Athletics Solomons president Martin Rara released the names of the final squad following months on training sessions and trials they have conducted.

“Generally this squad is a balance squad,’’ he told Star Sports on Tuesday.

“We’ve recalled a number of prominent athletes who have won medals for the country when they represented the country in regional competitions,” he said.

“Unfortunately they could not continue with us due to school commitment.

“But this round we have them back in the squad for the Vanuatu Mini-Games,” he said.

He said he has great confidence with the final squad that they will win medals for the country in the upcoming Mini-Games.

Middle and Long Distance coach Naoyuki Fujiyama said the selection of the final squad was conducted through a wide range of athletes who attended the national championship held in Honiara and several trials as well as competition held at the Waimapuru school, Makira/Ulawa province.

“The final squad is highly motivated since they prepared hard for the Mini-Games,’’ he said.

He added the squad will continue with their training sessions as final touch for the Mini-Games.

“As a coach I am looking forward for them to compete in the Mini- Games,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, the final squad was selected by selection panel consist of Sprint coach Francis Manioru and Middle and Long Distance coach Naoyuki Fujiyama.

Van2017 Athletics Solomon Final Team List

1 Patrick Kam – 5000m/10,000m

2 Rosifelo Siosi - 5000m/10,000m

3 Sharon Kikini Firisua – 5,000m/10,000m

4 Dianah Matekali – 5,000/10,000/ HM

5 Masic Tena – 3,000SC/5,000m/HM

6 Martin Faeni – 3,000m/10,000m/HM

7 Samantha Rofo – 100m/200m/4x100m n 4x400m relay

8 Stephany Teha - 100m/200m/4x100m n 4x400m relay

9 Gloria PanePane – 200m/400m n 4x400m n 4x100m relay

10 Esther Haga – 100m/4x100m n 4x400m relay

11 Claytus Taqimama 100m/200m/4x100m n 4x400m relay

12 Paul Ma’unikeni – 100m/200m/4x100m relay

13 Kevin Pio – 100m/ 4x100m relay

14 George Manebona – 400m/4x400m n 4x100m relay

15 Fernando Rofeta – 400m/800m/4x400m relay

16 Alwin Muha – 400m/4x400m relay

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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