Folem decision blong Port Vila League blong givim gate takings blong this Satede (7 October 2017) igo long ol families blong Ambae, Siaraga FC olsem only team blong Penama mo Northern Vanuatu we i plei long elite league blong Vanuatu, hemi stap askem everi families blong futbol blong Penama blong go plante mo sapotem futbol long tis wiken espeseli long game blong Siaraga FC wetem Shepherds United long 1pm tede long Stade.

Blong soem solidarity wetem olgeta families long Ambae we oli stap fesem bikfala had taim naoia long olketa evacuation centres, mo blong soem sapot blong yumi iko long ol clubs blong Ambae League mo Penama Futbol Association, Siaraga FC Management hem stap askem everi families mo fren blong Penama Province blong go plante long Stade mo blong werem light blue long Stade long Satede blong soem solidarity wetem Penama Province long taem ia.

Siaraga FC Management hemi stap also invitem ol futbol pleias blong Ambae we oli evacuate i kam long Port Vila or Luganville blong kam joenem Siaraga FC long taem ia we oli stap long Port Vila or long Luganville blong kontiniu long futbol karia blong olketa.

Siaraga FC Management hemi stap wantem continue blong talem tankio iko long Port Vila League Executive blong tekem decision ia blong givim full gate takings iko towards ol families blong Ambae.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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