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With the VAN2017 Pacific Mini Games underway this year, Vanuatu Netball’s (VNA) Member Association Shefa Netball (ShefNA) is delighted to announce the welcoming of its 2017 Season beginning in February.

ShefNA plans to welcome the Season with an Opening Tournament on 14 February at the VNA courts.

“Firstly, Happy New Year to our ShefNA Clubs and Players,” said of ShefNA President Eileen Nganga.

“This is an exciting year and the Association feels it is important to provide a Round 1 Championship for our ShefNA clubs to enjoy before the VNA courts undergo repairs and maintenance towards the VAN2017 Games as was advised in November last year.”

Important dates however have further been announced to remind Clubs of the New Year’s developments: 1. ShefNA AGM Saturday 4 February 2017, 2.Registration of Teams: Tuesday 7 February, 3.Transfers of Players to join other clubs must be completed before 22 February, 4. Constitution Adoption Meeting is held on Saturday 11 February, 5. Junior Program starts on Friday 17 February, (to be confirmed), however clubs are emphasised to have each a junior team, 6. All Transfers of Players to other clubs — must be completed before 22 February, 7. ShefNA Championship 2017 begins on Tuesday 28 February, 8. Team Registration fees for 2017: Vt5,000, and Junior Team Registration: Vt1,000, 9. Player Affiliation 2017 — Adults: Vt2,000, Students: Vt1,000 — Junior Players: Vt100, and 10.

All outstanding fees and debts from previous years must be paid by the registration date of Tuesday 7 February, 2017.

Meanwhile the Annual General Meeting for the Vanuatu Netball Association will be held on 28 January 2017.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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