As of yesterday Shefa Football President, Tanearu Maki has been appointed as Vanuatu Football Federation’s (VFF) Acting President.

According to an email from VFF President, Lambert, the appointment of the VFF 1st Vice President, Maki, will be effective as of 7th to 19th of March.

“Firstly let me take the opportunity again to congratulate you as your new appointment as 1st Vice President of VFF as being approved by the last VFF Exco to complete the mandate of this current Exco by end of November 2019.

“The purpose of this email is to appoint you as Acting President from 7th to 19 March 2019 when this appointment shall automatically come to an end upon my return into the Country on the said date. You are chosen to act in this period because the Senior Vice President will also be out of the Country and on his return, he has to return to his duty on Tafea Province and we cannot leave the office of VFF unattended until then because we have plenty of work before us which need to be carried out as soon as possible. Thus the presence of the President or Executive members is of paramount importance to assist in moving things forward.

“You will continue to consult with me and report to me though email or phone conversation if necessary any serious or urgent issues which may arise and need to be solved during my absence.

“At the end of this appointment, you shall provide a summary report to me for record purpose as to what has taken place during my absence and make recommendations on uncompleted issues during your acting appointment.

“Your acting allowance will be based on the resolutions which have been provided and passed by the VFF Executive meetings and endorsed by the Congress of Lakatoro on December 2017.

“I place my trust and confidence in you,” Maltock stated in his email.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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