A participant from Melemaat primary school preparing to hit the ball

Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) through its development program have organized again this year a competition for primary schools with the support of the South Efate Primary School Sports Association (SEPSSA).

Over 25 primary schools were invited to participate in this SEPSSA cricket competition sponsored by Ridgway Blake Lawyers and which commenced on the 5th of April at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds.

VCA’s Supervisor, Natalie Hava says, “Our development officers have been running school visit programs at different primary schools which has attracted the attention and interest of a lot of primary school children so we have organized this competition again this year to enable these children to participate and showcase their individual skills and talent while representing their respective schools.” She continues to say that, “this competition is also the result of the Level 0 coaching courses that we have been running for teachers from different schools and even though some schools did not turn up, the others that did had a lot of fun playing cricket”.

The schools played in two different categories, Category A (U13’s boys/girls) and Category B (U10’s boys/girls).

Pool A







Pool B




St. Jean D’Arc


Ecole Public


Pool C


Seaside Community School

Vila East



“The purpose of having two different categories in this competition is to allow individual students to play against other students their own age to enable our development officers to identify their strengths and weakness in cricket so we could further develop their strength and build on their weaknesses,” says development supervisor, Natalie Hava.

After Round 1 of the competition on the 5th of April the two leading schools in each category have progressed into round two to play for a chance to be in the finals. The results after round 1 in the Category A for both boys and girls saw Central primary, Eratap (pool A), NTCU, St Joseph, Suango (pool B), Vila East and Erakor (pool C) have progressed into the second round of the competition. In the category B for both girls and boys, no schools progressed into round 2 in the girls pool A while Vila East progressed to round 2 in the boys Pool A. Suango, St Joseph (Pool B), Prima and Vila East (Pool C) have also progressed into round 2 of the competition.

After Round 2 of the competition on the 12th of April, Central primary is leading Pool A in both, Category A boys and girls while Vila East is leading Pool C in the Category A for both boys and girls as well. Due to the Holy week program at St Joseph and St Jean D’arc, both schools in pool B, were not able to play in round 2 to find the leader of pool B in the Category A for boys and girls. Their games will be played next Wednesday the 19th of April along with all category B games.

The semi-finals and finals of this competition will be played at the Vanuatu Cricket Grounds on the 19th of April after the last round games (category B) and it will see leading schools in each category battle in out

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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