Semici aspires to add to Kaltack infamy

Semici Kaltack of Vanuatu. Credit: OFC via Phototek

Kaltack and football are synonymous when it comes to Vanuatu and the Oceania region.

Now hoping to add to the legacy of his older brother Jean and cousin Brian,two renowned Vanuatu internationals, is Semici Kaltack.

Slotting in behind the strikers, Kaltack is the creative hub of the VanuatuU-16 team competing in the OFC U-16 Championship this month.

He is a product of the the strong football programme which has been developed and running in the Erakor community for several years now.

“I started playing football as early as a 12 years old back in my home village Erakor because my brothers inspired me to follow in their footstep,” he said.

“I am really proud to represent my vil l age, family and country in this

competition. “It was a dream come true when I first realised that I would making the final travelling team.

“I will try my best to help the team do well in the tournament as we have other strong teams in our group.”

Vanuatu coach Joel Rarua said Kaltack will be key to their build-up play during this competition.

“Semici is a gifted player, not because he came from a football playing family, but because he has worked hard to reach where he is now,”Rarua said.

“He will be very important to our offensive play since his passing ability is really good.

“I hope Semici will deliver when it matters because he has proven his talent in our friendly matches with some brilliant assists.”

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