Olgeta 2016/2017 wina, Fenua Temanu Paku FC

South Efate Football League (SEFL) hemi mekem yestede long lanj taem ofisol handing ova blong olgeta awod blong 2016/2017 long Freswota fil.

Yestede taem we olgeta faenol blong SEFL knockout blong 2017/2018 sisen i stap gohed long Freswota fil, i lukim President blong SEFL, Michel Kalworai hem kam blong ofisoli handem olgeta awod blong 2016/2017 sisen we CCECC nao hemi sponsarem.

“Mi wantem talem talem tankio long olgeta klab we oli save hollem taet olgeta mo stap wetem mifala kasem sisen i finis.

“Tede olgeta praes, CCECC nao hemi sponsarem long sisen we i finis ya. Long niufala sisen mifala stap lukluk long wan nara sponsa olsem AFIC UNELCO, be bageken tankio tumas long yumi everiwan.

Fenua Temanu Paku FC nao hemi winim jampionship mo hemi ronwe wetem wan kap mo wan cash praes.

Sekon praes i go long Eraniau FC blong Erakor vilij, namba 3 praes i go long Freswota FC mo namba 4 praes i go long Erangorango FC.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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