Francis Runa long Level 2 Coaching Course long Israel

Vanuatu Archery Federation we hemi afiliet wetem World Archery sins 1999 hemi sendem wan patisipen blong hem i go attendem Level 2 Coaching Course we i bin stap long namba 20 kasem 28 February long Israel.

Vanuatu Archery Development Ofisa, Francis Runa, hemi bin pat blong 20-man patisipen we oli bin attendem 1 wik Level 2 Coaching Course long Israel.

Runa hemi representem Vanuatu mo i bin gat 2 nara patisipen blong Ukraine mo nara wan blong Greece we oli bin pat blong course ya.

Runa hemi se hemi lanem plante niufala samting long course ya mo bambae hemi yusum save blong hem we hemi karem long taem ia blong leftemap standad blong archery long Vanuatu, we hemi wan raet taem tu sins kaontri bambae hemi hostem Pacific Mini Games long manis Disemba yia ya, mo bambae hemi traem everi best blong hem blong save blong hem ya i save serem long wan wei we olgeta lokol archers i save karem wan medal long taem blong Games.

Runa hemi wantem talem bigfala tankio i go long Olympic Solidarity Committee, Vanuatu Archery mo VASANOC we oli mekem i posibol blong hemi save go attendem course ya long benefit blong Vanuatu Archery Federation.

Archery oli stap praktisim long Kazaa fil, long Korman.

Raymond Nasse

Sports Editor

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